Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:04 am
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She woke disoriented and uncomfortable, slumped against the wall still in her flight uniform, unfortunately aware of what had happened. She'd gotten caught in the wake of the Leviathan's starburst. And now it appeared she was aboard the Leviathan.

She was in a cell with a Sebacean male, clothed, getting up from where he'd been unconscious on the floor. He was mumbling to himself, but she ignored him the best she could. She pulled off her helmet, intent on continuing to ignore him until he greeted her with, "Officer Aeryn Sun."

She gave him a suspicious little look, not sure how he knew her name. Worse, he kept talking. "Special Peacekeeper Commando, Icarian Company, Pleisar Regiment. My name Jose Jimenez. We got a lot to catch up on."

Still she said nothing, and he walked over, extending his hand to her. Slowly she stood- and proceeded to try and use his proffered hand to slam him against the wall. He was ready for that, though, and remained standing, leaving them only circling each other.

"Pretty good, huh?" he asked. "I learned from the best. You."

Whatever game he was playing, she wasn't that interested in finding out. Or so she tried to tell herself. If he said he knew her, fine. She could play along. "Why are you out of uniform?" she asked, smiling, dropping her guard. "What is your rank and regiment?"

He didn't answer. Very well, she was close enough now anyway to plant her fist into his stomach, sending him doubling over and giving her the chance to throw him across the room. He didn't seem to have been expecting that one. He got to his hands an knees to try and crawl away, but she stalked over, flipped him onto his back, and knocked his arms away with her knees so she could straddle his chest, hand at his throat.

"Oh, baby, you had me at hello," he rasped.

"Rank and regiment, now," she demanded. "And how do you know my name?"

"What you should really ask is... how I know you've got a birthmark on the sweet spot of your hip."

She'd given him more chances than she would have allowed anyone else. She didn't know why. But she was done playing.

Which was why a microt later she'd grabbed his neck with her other hand, and snapped it.

[Because you can't have canon with THAT many AU's and not use them. Taken from Unrealized Reality.]
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