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ooc: you're welcome tracy, i waited a day

Angela Martin
-From The Office. But not the same one as Jim and Kelly here.
-Is 16 and a junior.
-Is 5'1". Shops in the children's department.
-Doesn't hate you all. But none of you are good enough.
-Is coming with her cats. I'm very sorry to Angela's roommate. You may be forced to participate in cat plays.
-Is a Christian, and very conservative. (I am neither of these things, and the last thing I want is to offend anyone. If you think Angela is out of line in any way, ping me to talk it out. No one should seriously get offended/emo over anything that comes out of her mouth.)
-Hates fun.

Aeryn Sun
-Is from Farscape.
-Graduated in 2007 (oh dear god) and lives in Cambridge, MA.
-But she's back for the semester to teach.
-Is married to [ profile] whitedeathpod.
-Has a son, Talyn, who is now one.
-They're all living off island.
-Is a former Peacekeeper, left three years ago, and can't really go home because of it.
-Looks human.
-Has a weird thing about RISK. There is a reason her office is across the hall, Anakin!
-Can also probably kick your ass, unless you're one of the eight dozen she trained while in Fandom.
-Curses in Farscapese. Get used to it, if you're not already.

Jaina Solo
-Is from Star Wars, specifically the New Jedi Order. She's from the same area of canon as [ profile] weetuskenraider, but not the same timeline exactly.
-Is also 5'1". Her tininess never stops getting mentioned in canon. Probably because she's a badass.
-Is a senior, and due to her timeline moving faster than Fandom's, she's technically 20 years old.
-Is the Sword of the Jedi. Her family likes its Chosen Ones.
-Trains like woah to be able to kill things better. Has a habit of fighting bad guys while glued to things and winning/holding her own.
-The end of the canon catchups is in sight, I promise!
-Works remotely with her galaxy's military, and is a lieutenant colonel.
-Is part of the wtfiest extended Fandom timeline family ever.
-Seems to be spending her weekends in superfast time with [ profile] missed_the_gate.

Mirax Terrik
-Is also from Star Wars, specifically from the Rogue Squadron books like Gavin.
-Will one day take over her dad's smuggling operation, marry a Jedi/the son of the guy who put her father away, and have kids that go crazy.
-Right now is just 14 and a freshman.
-Is coming from four years before ANH, where the Empire is alive and kicking, and the Jedi are still "killed off" in her time.
-Works at Things Reborn.
-Is frankly likely to buy anything she sees of value and then sell it on Ebay for profit. Her daddy raised her well.

Lily Aldrin
-Is from How I Met Your Mother.
-Is married to [ profile] baskiceball, and from the same canon as [ profile] canadianpopstar and [ profile] suit_of_awesome, if not the same timeline.
-Gets crazier every season. This is fun to incorporate.
-Is originally a kindergarten teacher.
-And an artist!
-Will be working at Strokes of Genius for a semester, since she just taught for a year and misses her summer vacation.
-Does not heart New Jersey.
-Is well-dressed! Let's not talk about how she got that way. *hides credit card statements*

Buffy Summers
-Guess her canon.
-Is starting college at UC Sunnydale.
-Is the third Buffy the game's had, and she is MINE. MINE MINE MINE.
-Can probably kick your ass, no matter how little she is.
-Is also probably armed.
-While just about everyone in canon is represented in the game, she is not from their times/realities.
-Is a child of pop culture.
-Remixes words to become new words.
-Kills undead things on a regular basis. Or when things invade. Whatever.

Brooke Davis
-Is from One Tree Hill.
-Not from the same timeline as [ profile] darkangelsawyer, but from the same canon.
-Has her own clothing line called Clothes Over Bro's, which she will be launching on a bigger scale.
-Is kind of a ho. Seriously, I've cultivated her list in the "slept with" column in the sex meme for a year and a half.
-Really just wants to be loved. Woe.
-Is often overconfident to mask serious self-esteem issues.
-Can be a total Mean Girl when she wants to.
-Gets mistaken for Jaina a lot, which she finds unfair since she is the one with that canon face.
-Graduated in May, and for the moment is back in Tree Hill, NC.

Jaye Tyler
-Is from Wonderfalls.
-Hears and sees inanimate animals talk to her and tell her to do things.
-Wouldn't know what to do if they shut up.
-Is almost always carrying a wax lion in her purse.
-Is walking plot device.
-May be totally insane.
-Has the strangest conversation tangents. I claim no responsibility.
-Likes herself some bars.
-Will radio at every opportunity she gets, and expects to be known, dammit.
-Graduated in 2007, and is currently going on to her third year of college (one year at UCLA, starting her second year at Brown).

Natalie (aka me!)
-I like playing the bitches/asskickers, huh?
-Am 5'5". Pard must think I am short.
-Work during the day, and my boss is super strict about Internet during working hours. I'm on early in the mornings till 7:15ish am PST, sometimes get on at lunch, and then am around after 5:30 pm.
-Am possibly the meanest to my characters in the game. I blame this on canon and the fact that I have no real control over them and I need revenge sometimes.
-I am chickwithemo on AIM, and reachable at
-Usually up for anything.
-Has gotten no sleep this week.
-Just realized that every single picture she'd uploaded to this account's scrapbook has been deleted. Oh you are grounded, LJ.

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PST is superior, dammit.

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Kawalsky thinks Jaye is the best walking plot device ever. He may be slightly biased on the matter.

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I was going through my old threads. Rose and Jaye's threads still make me laugh. Particularly the part where Jaye called Rose in the middle of the night and got... nothing. Superphone: 1, Jaye: 0.

Good times!

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You are short.

Also, it seems for every short girl you have on your list, I have a tall boy.