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Angela Martin
-From The Office. But not the same one as Jim and Kelly here.
-Is 16 and a junior.
-Is 5'1". Shops in the children's department.
-Doesn't hate you all. But none of you are good enough.
-Is coming with her cats. I'm very sorry to Angela's roommate. You may be forced to participate in cat plays.
-Is a Christian, and very conservative. (I am neither of these things, and the last thing I want is to offend anyone. If you think Angela is out of line in any way, ping me to talk it out. No one should seriously get offended/emo over anything that comes out of her mouth.)
-Hates fun.

Aeryn Sun
-Is from Farscape.
-Graduated in 2007 (oh dear god) and lives in Cambridge, MA.
-But she's back for the semester to teach.
-Is married to [livejournal.com profile] whitedeathpod.
-Has a son, Talyn, who is now one.
-They're all living off island.
-Is a former Peacekeeper, left three years ago, and can't really go home because of it.
-Looks human.
-Has a weird thing about RISK. There is a reason her office is across the hall, Anakin!
-Can also probably kick your ass, unless you're one of the eight dozen she trained while in Fandom.
-Curses in Farscapese. Get used to it, if you're not already.

Jaina Solo
-Is from Star Wars, specifically the New Jedi Order. She's from the same area of canon as [livejournal.com profile] weetuskenraider, but not the same timeline exactly.
-Is also 5'1". Her tininess never stops getting mentioned in canon. Probably because she's a badass.
-Is a senior, and due to her timeline moving faster than Fandom's, she's technically 20 years old.
-Is the Sword of the Jedi. Her family likes its Chosen Ones.
-Trains like woah to be able to kill things better. Has a habit of fighting bad guys while glued to things and winning/holding her own.
-The end of the canon catchups is in sight, I promise!
-Works remotely with her galaxy's military, and is a lieutenant colonel.
-Is part of the wtfiest extended Fandom timeline family ever.
-Seems to be spending her weekends in superfast time with [livejournal.com profile] missed_the_gate.

Mirax Terrik
-Is also from Star Wars, specifically from the Rogue Squadron books like Gavin.
-Will one day take over her dad's smuggling operation, marry a Jedi/the son of the guy who put her father away, and have kids that go crazy.
-Right now is just 14 and a freshman.
-Is coming from four years before ANH, where the Empire is alive and kicking, and the Jedi are still "killed off" in her time.
-Works at Things Reborn.
-Is frankly likely to buy anything she sees of value and then sell it on Ebay for profit. Her daddy raised her well.

Lily Aldrin
-Is from How I Met Your Mother.
-Is married to [livejournal.com profile] baskiceball, and from the same canon as [livejournal.com profile] canadianpopstar and [livejournal.com profile] suit_of_awesome, if not the same timeline.
-Gets crazier every season. This is fun to incorporate.
-Is originally a kindergarten teacher.
-And an artist!
-Will be working at Strokes of Genius for a semester, since she just taught for a year and misses her summer vacation.
-Does not heart New Jersey.
-Is well-dressed! Let's not talk about how she got that way. *hides credit card statements*

Buffy Summers
-Guess her canon.
-Is starting college at UC Sunnydale.
-Is the third Buffy the game's had, and she is MINE. MINE MINE MINE.
-Can probably kick your ass, no matter how little she is.
-Is also probably armed.
-While just about everyone in canon is represented in the game, she is not from their times/realities.
-Is a child of pop culture.
-Remixes words to become new words.
-Kills undead things on a regular basis. Or when things invade. Whatever.

Brooke Davis
-Is from One Tree Hill.
-Not from the same timeline as [livejournal.com profile] darkangelsawyer, but from the same canon.
-Has her own clothing line called Clothes Over Bro's, which she will be launching on a bigger scale.
-Is kind of a ho. Seriously, I've cultivated her list in the "slept with" column in the sex meme for a year and a half.
-Really just wants to be loved. Woe.
-Is often overconfident to mask serious self-esteem issues.
-Can be a total Mean Girl when she wants to.
-Gets mistaken for Jaina a lot, which she finds unfair since she is the one with that canon face.
-Graduated in May, and for the moment is back in Tree Hill, NC.

Jaye Tyler
-Is from Wonderfalls.
-Hears and sees inanimate animals talk to her and tell her to do things.
-Wouldn't know what to do if they shut up.
-Is almost always carrying a wax lion in her purse.
-Is walking plot device.
-May be totally insane.
-Has the strangest conversation tangents. I claim no responsibility.
-Likes herself some bars.
-Will radio at every opportunity she gets, and expects to be known, dammit.
-Graduated in 2007, and is currently going on to her third year of college (one year at UCLA, starting her second year at Brown).

Natalie (aka me!)
-I like playing the bitches/asskickers, huh?
-Am 5'5". Pard must think I am short.
-Work during the day, and my boss is super strict about Internet during working hours. I'm on early in the mornings till 7:15ish am PST, sometimes get on at lunch, and then am around after 5:30 pm.
-Am possibly the meanest to my characters in the game. I blame this on canon and the fact that I have no real control over them and I need revenge sometimes.
-I am chickwithemo on AIM, and reachable at fall.in.two@gmail.com.
-Usually up for anything.
-Has gotten no sleep this week.
-Just realized that every single picture she'd uploaded to this account's scrapbook has been deleted. Oh you are grounded, LJ.

Date: 2009-08-27 09:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] missed-the-gate.livejournal.com
You are short.

Also, it seems for every short girl you have on your list, I have a tall boy.


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