Aeryn wasn't planning on checking the schedule when she left for the night, because she wasn't supposed to be on it at all. If Mark hadn't said "See you on Tuesday" as she was heading for the door, she wouldn't have turned back to go and check.

in which aeryn does a dumb thing )
Aeryn hates work. A lot. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for her coworkers, or her boss, or the customers, or the job itself, but... Okay, Aeryn just hates the job.

So it might be a little unusual when she comes home later than usual after the closing shift, though she doesn't look very happy about it.

[Open for the Cambridge peeps, should they be in the hizzouse, and up early for time zones. Izzle. Omg it's early.]
The Prowler has good environmentals, so Aeryn's not worried about being outside. In fact, it gives her more reason to stay right where she is.

She really doesn't want to talk about what's bothering her. It's not anything anyone can fix. She's seen the outside world. It's hard to try to act and talk and look like them. She knows she's not like them. She's spent almost her entire life in the Peacekeepers, and then the last two years in Fandom, and she knows neither place is normal by Earth standards. Then add in the fact that she has no idea what she's qualified to do for a job, and if she ever gets sick or injured she's going to have to deal with it because doctors here seem clueless, never mind that they can't find out she's not human... And she really doesn't want to be forced to leave her ship here.

And it's hard to tell this to someone who's made several offers to leave so she would be more comfortable because she fully expects to have to turn down the offer again while he knows she's not having an easy time of it. Much easier to shut up and deal with it and work it all out. Too bad he can't frelling cooperate.

When it's cooled down some more, she finally pops the canopy and hops out of the Prowler to head back. Hopefully by now John's asleep and they can postpone the next argument till tomorrow.

[Establishy. Unless you're really intent on catching her going back to the dorms.]
Aeryn's pretty sure Anakin's not going to kill John scene's still being played but she's not leaving till that statement is true dammit, but she's kind of nervous to leave the room anyway. To say it's been a bad week is to underestimate what 'bad' means, at least in Aeryn's head. And at the same time it's just so uncomfortable that she really does wish she still had 209.

Right now she's just sitting on the sofa, not really looking at anything, just thinking. Which sucks.

[For John plz.]
After getting John's chip removed and making sure there weren't going to be any nasty side effects right away, the group is cleared to leave. There isn't anything to pack, so as soon as everyone's aboard the transport, they're lifting off to start back home.

If it seems like Aeryn's not thinking too much and kind of avoiding the fact that John seems more or less normal, that would be a good assessment. It's been a bad week.
Aeryn gets back from her run, closing the door behind her. One one hand, it's really nice not to have to tote the egg baby around with her for things like that. On the other hand, she's wondering how D'Anna's treating Egg and almost kind of looking forward to getting him back. Well, she would be if it really occurred to her that she was. But she is.
Between all that's been going on with John and trying to talk to people and seeing Angel again, it's been easy for Aeryn to forget about the smaller of her own issues. She's only awake for a few moments, though, before remembering it's Thursday, and that she managed to freak herself out good at that last Ethics class, and she's not looking forward to going there today. She looks at the clock, realizes she still has plenty of time- whether it's a good or a bad thing she doesn't know- and stays right where she is for the time being.


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