Once the wedding was over, the Sun-Crichton party was ushered back indoors to the reception inside the Charles Hotel. The room was done up very nicely in red and black (for no reason, really), lit with candles and Christmas lights, several large tables set up around the room in front of the very long head table.

The hotel workers were busy getting food ready, and the doors were open, allowing the wedding party and guests to take their seats and enjoy the party.
Friday was busier than Aeryn had anticipated somehow, with people coming in from out of town, followed by the rehearsal at the hotel where the ceremony and reception would take place. And personally, she had no idea how anyone remembered how all of this sort of thing went, and she thought it was kind of stupid how much emphasis was put on something as simple as walking, but she'd go with it, as apparently these things were important. Or something.

Afterwards, the group made their way to a pizza place nearby to settle in and settle down and have one good night out before tomorrow got more stressful.

[Up early for SP. For bridal party, dates, and other guests to the Friday thingie yay!
ETA: For clarification, cuz a couple people have asked. If you were told you were welcome to the dinner, you were invited. Otherwise the wedding stuff takes place tomorrow.]
If pressed, Aeryn would say that the reason that she didn't sleep well last night was that she wasn't used to the bed after spending the weekend in the hotel, even though being transferred from place to place and sleeping in different places depending on assignment was practically ingrained into her genetic code. She hadn't slept well all weekend, actually, and it wasn't that she hadn't had a good time over homecoming. She really had. She liked being able to see her friends and catch up and be able to see them when she talked to them instead of using the phone. This was all while ignoring the Luxan, of course. And Lee.

There was just one little thing that just kept nagging at her.

Giving up early, Aeryn got up and dressed, and headed out, returning a while later with a bag in hand to lock herself in the bathroom. She'd wanted to do this earlier, just to have some sort of proof, but she didn't want to risk it ending up on the radio. Privacy was one plus Cambridge had over Fandom.

She read the directions about five times before taking the test, and about ten times after seeing the result, just in case she could blame this on not being a native English-reader. She knew better, though. She'd done it right, and she didn't think Aly would lie to her. She did consider making another trip out, though. Maybe a different brand would be wrong. Best out of three, even.
All in all, Aeryn hasn't had the worst week. She discovered bowling, which is more fun when Anakin has to act like a bird, her classes have been going well, visiting people, and... other stuff. She's even been able to deal with random forts and their aftermath and accidental propositioning-but-not. Part of her blames that Massachusetts thing. She's just comfortable right now. In general. In a manner of speaking.

And then earlier she made a phone call she thinks she had to, and just kind of stays in the room for a while.

[Door's closed, post is open if you want to come by. Might be slow pinging at times, but my breaks are becoming more and more frequent, so that might not even make a difference, ha.]
Aeryn's already had a busy day, between class and phone calls, and now she needs to go back to 238. Reason number one being that she needs to check up on her klutz of a boyfriend. Reason number two being she needs to change clothes, because her underwear is still soaked from class. Not dirty.
After the campfire and that whole thing at Stickbug, Aeryn heads back to the dorms.

She wouldn't even be here, except she feels it's important. Because she doesn't want to have to kill Callisto if she tries to pull her into cheerleading. She'll kill her if she has to. She'd like to avoid it.

It isn't that Aeryn hates computers. She's fine with technology. It's just that she hates the keyboard, with the frelling alphabet all wrong and out of order, and it takes her a while and she's kind of tired. So it takes her a while to send the E-mail, and then she leaves the dorms as quietly as she arrived, heading back to Meerkat.
Aeryn's been bad at sleeping tonight. She's actually had a lot of good conversations lately (and some weird ones, and leaves, yes), but she's also been really honest and that way leads to thinking.

She gets out of bed, gets her phone, and makes a quick call before trying to get to sleep. Or back to sleep. Whatever.

She is completely oblivious to any pranks that will get certain boys' asses kicked.

[I have no idea what my alcove is. Fellow Meerkats?]
It's hard to imagine that there was a time Aeryn wouldn't have been upset, but she kind of is. To anyone who doesn't know her, she's just sitting on her bed and looking at the posters on the wall.

She'll check on Callisto tomorrow, probably. Give her some time.
After talking with Isabel in the gym, Aeryn heads back up to her room. She's been given something to think about, even though she doesn't even know how to broach the topic with John at the moment. Which is fine as he's currently in detention anyway. Besides, they have to see Zhaan first, and that's going to take a bit of preparation as it is. She just isn't sure how much John will want to reveal and how much she'll have to say for him and how much trouble she'll get into about that. She's just had to learn how to be much more careful, that's all. It's a skill she should have had before.

She closes her door.

[Knocking is perfectly acceptable.]
Aeryn comes back to her room after the animal balancing figuring that overall, things could be worse. A lot worse.

cut for link drop exposition )
Having missed any news of what was happening with Angel today, Aeryn has no idea what's going on. So she doesn't know what's wrong when John calls, but she's already waiting at the open door for him when she hangs up.
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Okay, maybe there are better ways to end a phone call. But all Aeryn needs to hear are the words "Darla" in conjunction with "bad news" and she's leaving 209 to head down the hall and knock on John's door.
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Aeryn has had better days. She's leaving, like it or not. And while she avoided it last night... It would be safe to say John didn't take it so well. Her last class also managed to kill her just a little bit. And now it's time for the other stuff.

She's spent at least a couple months now living in two rooms without living in either of them, and that makes it difficult to do things like pack. Especially when she's collected a lot of things and can't bring most of them with her.

And what she can't bring, she'll move into 238. She'll get the locker John got her into the room, stuff her things into there. He can do whatever he wants with it. Keep it, burn it, forget about it... It's not really hers anymore anyway.

Throughout the afternoon she can be seen going back and forth between the two rooms, so the doors are open.

[OOC: Yes, I am putting up OCD threads for each room, cuz there are a lotta people who might be in one room and not the other. Shut up. Come say bye to Aeryn.]
Aeryn's actually in her room for once. She's trying to work on her metaphor for Criminal Justice, and not having much luck, because she just can't get the hang of them.

The door's closed, but then again, the door's always closed. People can knock.

[Specifically for myself, but anyone's welcome. And yes, I am this insane.]
All right, stopping in at Tex's shop hadn't gone well. And since she's learned not to steal Janet's medkit, she heads to 238. She knows where the medical supplies are, and since she's pretty sure she's going to start hurting somewhere as soon as the adrenaline wears off, she might as well have them at hand. She heads into the bathroom to get the supplies.

And then there's the matter of washing off the duck blood. Only in Fandom.

[Not godmodding anyone in or out of the room. She's just a little focused right now and bypassed anyone who might be there.]


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