After stopping by Anakin's office in SP, la, Aeryn comes back to the room. Spending some time in the gym last night helped a lot, so she's at least acting like a normal person again. It'll get less weird.

She's about to go feed the fish when she sees Bertram sitting behind the tank, eyestalks twitching a little as he watchs Bruno swim. "Yes, I know, it's relaxing," she says. "Too bad you're a machine."

Bertram just beeps at her and continues watching. Even a DRD should have hobbies. Probably.

[Open. Yes, I am bored out of my mind today. Entertain me.]
Aeryn would normally be up by now, already dealing with breakfast or the like. She's awake, but for some reason today she's content to stay right where she is, at least for a little while longer. She blames the warm bed and still adjusting back from Bettina's weird schedule this weekend.
Aeryn's doing very exciting things, like trying once again to be able to pronounce the words in her Anatomy textbook. It's not going well, but at least she isn't throwing books across the room. She's mid-word when she hears something bang against the door, and sees Bertram trying to get out. While letting him out kind of terrifies her, he keeps it up until she's annoyed enough to open the door to let him out.

She's just sat down on the couch again when she hears the banging again, this time from the other side of the door. Sighing, Aeryn gets up and opens it. "Make a decision," she tells him.

Bertram beeps at her and scurries inside again. Aeryn closes the door, starts back, and there's that sound again.

This would be why the door to the room is open.

It's only been a day, but Aeryn's discovered that things get really quiet without John around. He hasn't been home since school started last year. He's always been in this room. And now it's weird, even if he's only a state or two or however many it is (ask her where Svalbard is and she knows it; North Carolina, not so much).

She's gone for the walk/run that she's tended to make habit, she's fed the animals, and she's got a book out to study, though she's not really looking at it.

Finally tiring of the silence, she looks around, and sees Bertram skittering around on the carpet. "You can make some noise, can't you?" she asks.

He stops, the eyestalks turn towards her, and he begins making random beeping noises as he moves.

[Door's closed, post is open.]
About the time Aeryn steps on a little crunchy cereal bit missed from yesterday's fort adventure, this is when she decides it's a good time to clean. If you want a job done right... See, that's one of those Earth phrases Aeryn can actually get behind.
Aeryn is just about to step out of the shower when she hears a now-familiar little bark. At eye level. Her first reaction is to hide mostly behind the shower curtain. "No playing now," she says. "Let me get dressed first."

Vladdie barks again and tries to lick her nose.

"Yes, thank you," Aeryn tells him. "Out of the bathroom. Then we'll play."

Vladdie licks her chin this time.

Aeryn sighs.
Aeryn is taking petsitting seriously. Vladdie's bottles are in the fridge, the curtains are closed, Yoda is far away from the sea monkeys because although she doubts there would be a problem unless she put Yoda in the tank, she'd rather not take any chances, and she's not running from the room at all. So far it's not going badly.

And she keeps looking at the ceiling to make sure Vladdie's not up there.
Aeryn wakes up early, and John's still asleep next to her. She could wake him, but if the holidays really tire him out, she can let him sleep for a while longer. She's fine laying here for a while, anyway. It's warm and comfortable, and she didn't even steal all the covers from him like she usually does.

It occurs to her that she could go next door to get John's presents, then remembers that would require moving.
Since she somehow has managed to miss her roommates constantly lately, Aeryn decides to do the same thing she did for Kawalsky, and put the wrapped presents on their respective beds. Though really, she doesn't quite know how to thank Janet for what Sam gave her earlier.

ooc: and you get... )

When trying to close her locker, though, she's got to deal with a potential escapee. "No," she tells it firmly. "I told you, stay in there."

The potential escapee doesn't like this answer much.

"You'll be out of there soon enough. Stop complaining," says Aeryn. "Just stay in there and be quiet."

It still takes issue. As potential escapees do.

Aeryn sighs. "You have 500 microts and then you're right back in there. I have things to do."


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