Once the wedding was over, the Sun-Crichton party was ushered back indoors to the reception inside the Charles Hotel. The room was done up very nicely in red and black (for no reason, really), lit with candles and Christmas lights, several large tables set up around the room in front of the very long head table.

The hotel workers were busy getting food ready, and the doors were open, allowing the wedding party and guests to take their seats and enjoy the party.
Maybe Aeryn's a little paranoid. Which is why as soon as she's finished checking through 238, she's in her own room, looking around for little gremlin hiding places. This involves a pair of rubber gloves- one can never be too careful- and a swiped knife. She is taking no chances, okay? They could hide in shoes.

[Door's closed but the post is open.]
Aeryn had an interesting day yesterday. One little gremlin bite led to her thinking she was a captured princess, where she freaked out John, frustrated someone who was very kind but new to heroing, yelled at Vladdie and called Rory a lesbian, was reminded of lava monsters by Dean Tick, nearly groped by Joxer who is going to die, maybe accidentally proposed to Bridge, decided Tim was too slow to deal with, tried to make Hamlet her butler, then was "rescued" by Anakin who ran away when she asked to make out with him. Aeryn will be killing herself today, yes.

And then she wandered to Caritas, where she was weird at John, threw a drink at GOB, and was a total bitch to Parker before she got up on the stage, only for it to wear off right at the end. Luckily John is the best boyfriend ever and got her home. Later there will be phone calls and listening to the radio, but for now Aeryn is not. leaving. the bed.
Aeryn starts to go to 238, like she would on a normal day. She even makes it there for a little while. But after not having a voice and finding out a possible explanation of why, getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to communicate, getting her ass kicked by Callisto, and having her date plans with John fall through, Aeryn's not in the best of moods.

And then she finds out the frelling toaster is on the loose, she decides she's going back to her room. She's glad to have everyone shut up, is disturbed to find out how quiet this place really is without voices, and that's her last straw. She goes back to 209 and falls asleep there. Kind of. But not really. With her door locked.
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Aeryn lets John get some more sleep, and makes a phone call like she said she would. She's not sure if it'll do any good, but she's willing to try it. And hopes John is, too. At least maybe then they can find out of this chip actually exists or not.

And once John's awake again, Aeryn ends up listening for the knock a lot.
Not counting the animal balancing thing, it's the first time Aeryn's been in the common room since she got back, and... it wasn't bad. She's actually talking to people like normal. About things like Nerf guns.

Aeryn closes the door and dresses for bed.
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Aeryn has had better days. She's leaving, like it or not. And while she avoided it last night... It would be safe to say John didn't take it so well. Her last class also managed to kill her just a little bit. And now it's time for the other stuff.

She's spent at least a couple months now living in two rooms without living in either of them, and that makes it difficult to do things like pack. Especially when she's collected a lot of things and can't bring most of them with her.

And what she can't bring, she'll move into 238. She'll get the locker John got her into the room, stuff her things into there. He can do whatever he wants with it. Keep it, burn it, forget about it... It's not really hers anymore anyway.

Throughout the afternoon she can be seen going back and forth between the two rooms, so the doors are open.

[OOC: Yes, I am putting up OCD threads for each room, cuz there are a lotta people who might be in one room and not the other. Shut up. Come say bye to Aeryn.]
All Aeryn knows is that after this morning, she is not spending the night next door. So when she gets up to the second floor, she walks into her room, slams the door shut, and takes a seat on her bed. Right now, it would be really nice to be able to shut off her brain for a while.

((Welcome to girly emo therapy.))


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