Once the wedding was over, the Sun-Crichton party was ushered back indoors to the reception inside the Charles Hotel. The room was done up very nicely in red and black (for no reason, really), lit with candles and Christmas lights, several large tables set up around the room in front of the very long head table.

The hotel workers were busy getting food ready, and the doors were open, allowing the wedding party and guests to take their seats and enjoy the party.
Aeryn is really very good at avoiding people when she chooses to. And right now, it seems like she has a lot of people to avoid for one reason or another. She's tired of people leaving, she's tired of arguing, and while working things out is good advice, she isn't sure right now how to work things out. Trying didn't work out too well.

So she's back in 209 again, knowing John will probably be upset about that later, and not caring much. It's much easier to not deal right now, to just sit there and not think. Which is working, really.

If there's another good thing about the Peacekeepers, there's no need for unnecessary drama there.

[Door is closed, post is open, girl is pissy, mun needs distraction.]
Despite yesterday, Aeryn's still playing a little avoidant without really knowing why. She's still sticking to 209, keeping to long walks or just not dealing with people. She's not used to having to explain why she does things, but knows certain people (John) have come to expect answers. This kind of thing? Much easier in the Peacekeepers. All she had to do was go off by herself and everything was fine and she didn't have to explain anything.

Also, emo is stupid and she wants no part of it, and yet here she is and she has no idea why. It's frustrating. And she's starting to memorize the star charts on her wall.

[If you can get her out of this mood, feel free to come by before I kill her.]
All in all, Aeryn hasn't had the worst week. She discovered bowling, which is more fun when Anakin has to act like a bird, her classes have been going well, visiting people, and... other stuff. She's even been able to deal with random forts and their aftermath and accidental propositioning-but-not. Part of her blames that Massachusetts thing. She's just comfortable right now. In general. In a manner of speaking.

And then earlier she made a phone call she thinks she had to, and just kind of stays in the room for a while.

[Door's closed, post is open if you want to come by. Might be slow pinging at times, but my breaks are becoming more and more frequent, so that might not even make a difference, ha.]
Aeryn starts to go to 238, like she would on a normal day. She even makes it there for a little while. But after not having a voice and finding out a possible explanation of why, getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to communicate, getting her ass kicked by Callisto, and having her date plans with John fall through, Aeryn's not in the best of moods.

And then she finds out the frelling toaster is on the loose, she decides she's going back to her room. She's glad to have everyone shut up, is disturbed to find out how quiet this place really is without voices, and that's her last straw. She goes back to 209 and falls asleep there. Kind of. But not really. With her door locked.
Aeryn's had a pretty busy weekend so far.

cut for linkdrop )

And of course John was still John, and while she was completely confused as to how last night turned out the way it did, it apparently was the night for it. So Aeryn stole one of his crutches- he clearly doesn't need them- and has it propped up against the open doorframe, just in case he walks by. And she's looking through pictures.

[Door's open.]
Aeryn doesn't think much about shopping unless she needs it. Thanks to Wilderness Survival, she needed shoes. Now she has them. One day you're refusing to kill a girl (no matter how dumb they were), the next you're kind of temped to go through with it if it'll keep you from hearing the word 'cheerleading' ever again.

After last week's mummies and kittens and Rory not being crazy, along with her own issues, it's nice to have a smaller drama that really isn't a drama. Especially since the alternative is thinking way too hard on a certain conversation she doesn't remember. Even if things have been going scarily well lately. Even when she's having trouble, they're going well.

She'll stick to fighting cheerleading, and buying things to replace the things she's going to have to give up.

[Door's closed. Feel free to knock.]
In the last few days, Aeryn's fought with one friend, maybe past the point of being fixable, been attacked by another, figured out another had a crush on her, and then decided another probably isn't going to want much to do with her unless she fixes the first thing, which she isn't sure she wants to do.

Long after Molly leaves 209, Aeryn heads down the hall, opening the door with her key. Careful not to wake John, she closes the door and crosses the room to crawl into bed next to him. Not that she can manage to do anything right there, either, this week. Whatever, she's not leaving.

It really was a lot less complicated back when all her friends did was help her get sentenced to death.
Aeryn finally comes back from the abandoned shack much later than she intended. Yes, they really were there that long. Shut up. They don't see each other as much, what with the being in warring cabins and all. Stickbug and Meerkat, romance of the century.

She goes straight into her alcove, pulls the curtain half-closed, and collapses back onto her bed. Yay recovery. (What? It's been very weird week. Sometimes there needs to be some resting time.)

[Shhh. I was dared. Open to any Meerkats that might be about.]
After the campfire and that whole thing at Stickbug, Aeryn heads back to the dorms.

She wouldn't even be here, except she feels it's important. Because she doesn't want to have to kill Callisto if she tries to pull her into cheerleading. She'll kill her if she has to. She'd like to avoid it.

It isn't that Aeryn hates computers. She's fine with technology. It's just that she hates the keyboard, with the frelling alphabet all wrong and out of order, and it takes her a while and she's kind of tired. So it takes her a while to send the E-mail, and then she leaves the dorms as quietly as she arrived, heading back to Meerkat.
Aeryn's been bad at sleeping tonight. She's actually had a lot of good conversations lately (and some weird ones, and leaves, yes), but she's also been really honest and that way leads to thinking.

She gets out of bed, gets her phone, and makes a quick call before trying to get to sleep. Or back to sleep. Whatever.

She is completely oblivious to any pranks that will get certain boys' asses kicked.

[I have no idea what my alcove is. Fellow Meerkats?]
can_be_more: (fake tavlek!aeryn)
If she's being completely honest, Aeryn would much rather stay in 238 instead of 209. Yes, 209 is hers. It still doesn't feel like hers. Angel and Sean might be gone, but John's still here. That's more than enough. She kisses his shoulder and stretches, testing her knee. It isn't a problem at all now, though she couldn't have expected John to do anything but worry. In a weird way, she appreciates that he does, frustrating or not.

However, she's still planning on the gym. She's already agreed to spar with Alec (almost-dating a doppleganger means that Aeryn doesn't make any assumptions about why he looks like Dean) and Max sometime, and said she would help Molly, and she still would like to get some time in there with Isabel. She finds interesting people down there. Jamie definitely fits into that category, as does Buffy who wants her to join cheerleading. Weird girl. And she just likes Peter, that's all there is to it.

She doesn't want to wake John, so she uncurls away from him slowly and sits up. Even if she really is comfortable in this bed.
Aeryn almost automatically goes to 238 instead of her own room. She could, but that just feels a little weird right now, so after that little pause at the door, she continues on like she never thought of it.

She spent most of her morning in the gym, meeting some of the new people. She's not sure about Buffy, though that might be due to either the name association or the fact that she asked Aeryn about cheerleading tryouts, but Dean seems all right. And while she's pretty used to English Peter now, it's still good to see someone familiar.

She's done being social for now. She closes the door so she can call Callisto. And debate something like a dartboard, because she still kind of randomly wants to hit things.

[Door's closed but I am open for people. Just not in a CR today, zomg.]
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Aeryn has had better days. She's leaving, like it or not. And while she avoided it last night... It would be safe to say John didn't take it so well. Her last class also managed to kill her just a little bit. And now it's time for the other stuff.

She's spent at least a couple months now living in two rooms without living in either of them, and that makes it difficult to do things like pack. Especially when she's collected a lot of things and can't bring most of them with her.

And what she can't bring, she'll move into 238. She'll get the locker John got her into the room, stuff her things into there. He can do whatever he wants with it. Keep it, burn it, forget about it... It's not really hers anymore anyway.

Throughout the afternoon she can be seen going back and forth between the two rooms, so the doors are open.

[OOC: Yes, I am putting up OCD threads for each room, cuz there are a lotta people who might be in one room and not the other. Shut up. Come say bye to Aeryn.]
Aeryn didn't get a lot of sleep last night. And she may be overreacting. A lot.

All right, maybe she didn't really have a lot of room to tell Angel what to do, but still. Callisto was even more out of line than she was. Also, there's that whole bit about touching on a huge subject Aeryn had already been dealing with. A couple of them, actually. Thanks, Callisto.

Basic fact of the matter is, Aeryn doesn't live here. Despite what people may think, she doesn't, though not that she appreciates being made to feel uncomfortable in the one place she does feel comfortable. So after she gets out of bed and finishes getting dressed and ready, she might move some things back to 239/240. Not everything, but some. She'll explain to John later.
Aeryn leaves John's room early, heading down to the gym and wondering if it wouldn't have been a good idea to put this off for a day. She goes anyway, waiting for Callisto.

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