Five years ago, Aeryn had been a Peacekeeper soldier on Earth temporarily, at a school where she couldn't read anything and understood almost nothing anyone was saying.

Today, she had been graduated for three years, lived here long enough to at least fake that she belonged here, and was watching a two-year-old fling his food to the floor because he didn't like it.

"We're going to have to have this talk again, aren't we?" Aeryn sighed, not sure if she should be mad at this point or just resigned to the fact that daily mopping of food from the floor had become a part of life.

Talyn shook his head, and asked hopefully, "Cookie?"

There was another sigh, and Aeryn decided she was going with resigned.

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Of course Aeryn had to work Christmas Eve. The fact that she had to deal with all the last-minute shoppers almost made it not worth the money. Shockingly, she wasn't much of a people person.

She thought she'd escaped by being able to spend a lot of time in the stockroom, but came out when she was called on the speaker into a mass of parents trying to get through the crowd to the toy aisle. She could tell they were parents due to the screaming children in the carts. Not for the first time, she was extremely grateful that Talyn was good. There was one mother in particular who caught her eye, as both of her small boys were throwing full-on tantrums that she was completely ignoring, even when one threw himself on the ground in front of and old woman's cart. (Aeryn actually noticed a lot of behavior like that working here.)

For a moment she thought she'd blacked out, but when she felt a little less disoriented the boys were still screaming and the mother was now answering her ringing cell phone and covering her free ear.

It had been a long time since Aeryn'd snapped a neck, but she was sure she could still do it. She'd give hera by since it was Christmas.
The store had been open for a couple of hours when Aeryn finally emerged from the stockroom. She had no idea how long it had been, really, but she knew it felt like forever and she was pretty sure there had never been a greater waste of her time.

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The flipside of getting a chance to go out and help save a friend and hurt some things in the process was that afterwards, it was back to normal things, like filling out job applications in front of the TV and feeling uncomfortable in the current style of clothes. There might have been a little part of her that wondered if it would be wrong to wear a pulse pistol around the apartment, just for the night.
Friday was busier than Aeryn had anticipated somehow, with people coming in from out of town, followed by the rehearsal at the hotel where the ceremony and reception would take place. And personally, she had no idea how anyone remembered how all of this sort of thing went, and she thought it was kind of stupid how much emphasis was put on something as simple as walking, but she'd go with it, as apparently these things were important. Or something.

Afterwards, the group made their way to a pizza place nearby to settle in and settle down and have one good night out before tomorrow got more stressful.

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Aeryn wasn't planning on checking the schedule when she left for the night, because she wasn't supposed to be on it at all. If Mark hadn't said "See you on Tuesday" as she was heading for the door, she wouldn't have turned back to go and check.

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There was a week to go. A week. Aeryn had no idea how that had even happened, or where the last few months had gone, and it still didn't feel like everything was settled yet. And there was only a week. Seriously.

It was one of the rare Saturdays that she didn't have to work, second in a row now, and she was spending her day off trying to ignore everything wedding-related. Except that anytime she did something as simple as turn on the TV and flip through channels, she would come across something like a wedding-themed show marathon and be left muttering at it.
Today was one of the days Aeryn worked a double shift, because her coworkers were flakes and she was more than happy to take the overtime nowadays, even if the job sucked and she hated every moment of it. It meant she got home way too late and hated the human race in general even more, but she was used to that by now.

She took her shoes off at the door, trying not to be too loud when she closed the door, just in case anyone was already asleep.
Aeryn doesn't have to work until later, but staying in bed late kind of went out the window along with the not sleeping much thing. Which she knows is pointless and she expects that to stop, but for now, it means she's already out of bed and getting ready to go for a run. Maybe a very long run.
If pressed, Aeryn would say that the reason that she didn't sleep well last night was that she wasn't used to the bed after spending the weekend in the hotel, even though being transferred from place to place and sleeping in different places depending on assignment was practically ingrained into her genetic code. She hadn't slept well all weekend, actually, and it wasn't that she hadn't had a good time over homecoming. She really had. She liked being able to see her friends and catch up and be able to see them when she talked to them instead of using the phone. This was all while ignoring the Luxan, of course. And Lee.

There was just one little thing that just kept nagging at her.

Giving up early, Aeryn got up and dressed, and headed out, returning a while later with a bag in hand to lock herself in the bathroom. She'd wanted to do this earlier, just to have some sort of proof, but she didn't want to risk it ending up on the radio. Privacy was one plus Cambridge had over Fandom.

She read the directions about five times before taking the test, and about ten times after seeing the result, just in case she could blame this on not being a native English-reader. She knew better, though. She'd done it right, and she didn't think Aly would lie to her. She did consider making another trip out, though. Maybe a different brand would be wrong. Best out of three, even.
Aeryn had acclimated to a lot of things since she'd been on Earth, and even more since coming to Cambridge. And the one thing she hated doing more than anything besides that job was laundry. On the other hand, the alternative was letting John do it, and she wanted her clothes left without bleach writing.

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Aeryn hates work. A lot. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for her coworkers, or her boss, or the customers, or the job itself, but... Okay, Aeryn just hates the job.

So it might be a little unusual when she comes home later than usual after the closing shift, though she doesn't look very happy about it.

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Aeryn's learned that some dates have meaning, that the time between one yearly milestone and the next can be a really big deal. Thinking from last August 13 to this one, making it through an entire year almost deserves a congratuations.

Which is why she's seriously pissed off that the little blonde bitch with the stupid name that she never remembers called in sick again and didn't get anyone to cover for her, which means Aeryn is pulling a double shift on her anniversary and trying really hard not to threaten customers or coworkers.
The apartment's looking more like an apartment, what with furniture and all, and Aeryn is even dressed more or less like Aeryn today, and overall she's just glad to see people.

As are the fish, who are looking very cheerful today. You can totally tell. And then they forget why they're cheerful three seconds later. Oh well.
Aeryn was beginning to wonder how exactly this whole job thing worked. It seemed like she would go into a place, hand in her application, and then be dismissed with a smile by some underling and that was it. It was a little discouraging.

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The problem with having houseguests after moving into your own place a week ago is that sometimes the only furniture you have is a bed and a couch. So the shopping trip that was going to have to happen anyway is happening earlier.

IKEA's not the closest place, and by the time Aeryn gets to the huge building, she's kind of amazed that it can be a store. And then when she gets inside, the first words out of her mouth are, "No one can take shopping this seriously."

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Most of the day's been spent unpacking, which shouldn't have taken long because all things considered, John and Aeryn don't have a ton of stuff between them. However there are still boxes, and things piled around the living room, and Aeryn kind of doesn't understand how even she's managed not to put things where they're supposed to go right away. This is because she's never had to do this before. It's different when you're moving with more than just one bag of your own.

Finally taking a seat on the couch, mercilessly liberated as it was, she says, "This looks more cluttered than I imagined."


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