If you didn't know where Aeryn had spent her last two days, you wouldn't know anything had been wrong to see her now. She's letting the A/C run still, mostly to make John feel better than anything as it's really starting to get cold now, but she's back to normal, if still a little loungey. And also, a little bored.

Which is why she's even bothering with the TV, stopping when she gets to the meerkats.
Aeryn's not dealing with some things right now. Instead she's knocking on the door to 238 early. And she may be pushing down enough emo-turned-irritation that she's pointedly not using the key. But she's not dealing with the emo-turned-irritation at the moment.
Aeryn's been up for a while, but she hasn't gotten out of bed yet. She keeps looking over, watching John, looking for some confirmation that everything's either okay, or has gone completely wrong. Ever the optimist.
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Aeryn did not sleep. Pretty much at all. One moment she was letting John go on about kids because it seemed to be keeping him calm, and the next they were finding out that in that other reality, he killed her.

John's reaction is what concerns her. They don't even know for a fact that there is anything in his head, but it doesn't seem to matter. In the early morning when he at least seems to be sleeping, Aeryn spends some time hiding anything potentially dangerous in the room. She's not worried about him trying to hurt her. Not that she's big on leaving him alone right now. Then she comes to bed, drapes an arm across John, and continues to not sleep.
Aeryn has to be at Criminal Justice class early, so she leaves 238 quietly with the intent on calling John to check up on him later. She knows it's hard to hear some things, so she shouldn't be too surprised by his reaction to it. His reaction just makes her even more glad that Scorpius is dead. She'll deal with the rest later.

Once she's gone back to her own room to change, she heads to 223 and knocks on the door.
After leaving Sanctity, Aeryn's really impressively agitated. She's on the phone as soon as she's out the door, heading back to the dorms.

And once she's back there, she opens the door to 209 and waits.
Aeryn comes back from game night and decides she likes that game. It's a good game. And now she knows where countries are here.

When she has some time to think, though, certain things get to bothering her again. So she picks up her phone, and makes a call before trying to sleep.
Aeryn isn't sure what to think after coming back from the Perk. He doesn't know that he should be dragging her back to the Peacekeepers under arrest, which is a plus, but on the other hand, he's also looking into the Peacekeeper weapons that she had a hand in bringing to the planet. She'd thought she was in the clear on that.

And the other stuff... She always believed Zhaan and Chiana when they told her things about the Aeryn they knew. They were believeable people. Aeryn isn't sure why she doesn't trust Scorpius. Maybe it's because he was questioning her. Maybe it's because he's Peacekeeper. Maybe both. That'll weird her out a little.

She closes the door, and wonders how she got to the point where she can think of the Peacekeepers as bad guys and miss a bunch of sea monkeys.


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