Aeryn doesn't have class on Wednesday, which is probably a bad thing, since she spent most of the day thinking way too hard about some of the things she'd heard last night. She's not one to panic, and if it's something John's been dealing with for this long, she knows there's no reason to freak out. Too much, at least.

Still, there's thinking, which is why her textbook is laying open on the table, as it has been since she gave up on it. She did distract herself at one point by going to get takeout from Ching Tai, waiting on the kitchen counter. She has no idea why, it just seemed like the thing to do.
Aeryn wakes up early, disentangling herself from John and getting up to get dressed. Yes, with clothes from the locker, shut up. For the record, she'd forgotten she had this shirt.

She takes her time getting ready, kind of hoping John wakes up but not wanting to wake him, because there's a little more to what they talked about yesterday that she doesn't want to just spring on him.
Aeryn leaves Isabel's room and heads back to 238, because she and John need to talk about it.

And wonders if she'll start forgetting she has the damn key when she actually has it. But for now she's still reflexively reaching for it and then giving up and knocking.
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Aeryn lets John get some more sleep, and makes a phone call like she said she would. She's not sure if it'll do any good, but she's willing to try it. And hopes John is, too. At least maybe then they can find out of this chip actually exists or not.

And once John's awake again, Aeryn ends up listening for the knock a lot.
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Aeryn did not sleep. Pretty much at all. One moment she was letting John go on about kids because it seemed to be keeping him calm, and the next they were finding out that in that other reality, he killed her.

John's reaction is what concerns her. They don't even know for a fact that there is anything in his head, but it doesn't seem to matter. In the early morning when he at least seems to be sleeping, Aeryn spends some time hiding anything potentially dangerous in the room. She's not worried about him trying to hurt her. Not that she's big on leaving him alone right now. Then she comes to bed, drapes an arm across John, and continues to not sleep.
After talking with Isabel in the gym, Aeryn heads back up to her room. She's been given something to think about, even though she doesn't even know how to broach the topic with John at the moment. Which is fine as he's currently in detention anyway. Besides, they have to see Zhaan first, and that's going to take a bit of preparation as it is. She just isn't sure how much John will want to reveal and how much she'll have to say for him and how much trouble she'll get into about that. She's just had to learn how to be much more careful, that's all. It's a skill she should have had before.

She closes her door.

[Knocking is perfectly acceptable.]
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Aeryn comes back from 209, closes the door, and hits it. Because it's the first thing she's been able to do.

John is losing it. Badly. And it's while it's hard to watch, it's harder to leave him to deal with it. She's used to being able to hit or shoot the problem. She doesn't even know what the problem is. She's not going to find out yet, either, because he doesn't want anyone to know. Which she knows is stupid, but she also knows that forcing him to see a doctor will only make him close up and less likely to tell her things. Nothing will happen until he's ready for it to happen. And Aeryn has no idea what to do to help besides be there and not freak out.

And meanwhile, she has to go on with life as normal. So she showers, changes, makes sure she has her phone on her in case John calls at all, and heads down to ACJ.
Aeryn did sleep, though she woke up every time John moved. She has no idea what's happening, but knows enough to be Concerned. And if it wasn't for the fact that she knew Wednesday was John's busy day with classes, she'd be camped out here all day making sure nothing happened, or trying to talk him through whatever did happen.

Not sure if he's actually sleeping or just faking it, Aeryn slowly moves to get up from the couch, careful not to wake him if he is, in fact, actually out. They both have class first period. If he goes to his, she'll go to hers. Otherwise she's not leaving. Which is why she opens up the locker for the second time since she got back. She pulls out some clothes, and changes into them. Because putting up a fight about this right now is stupid.
Aeryn's not sure what to think after talking to John, but there's no possible way she can just say "Okay" and leave it at a phone call.

So as soon as she hangs up, she's headed down the hall, and forgoing forgetting the key this time. She goes straight for turning the doorknob.
Aeryn has to be at Criminal Justice class early, so she leaves 238 quietly with the intent on calling John to check up on him later. She knows it's hard to hear some things, so she shouldn't be too surprised by his reaction to it. His reaction just makes her even more glad that Scorpius is dead. She'll deal with the rest later.

Once she's gone back to her own room to change, she heads to 223 and knocks on the door.
After leaving Sanctity, Aeryn's really impressively agitated. She's on the phone as soon as she's out the door, heading back to the dorms.

And once she's back there, she opens the door to 209 and waits.


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