Friday was busier than Aeryn had anticipated somehow, with people coming in from out of town, followed by the rehearsal at the hotel where the ceremony and reception would take place. And personally, she had no idea how anyone remembered how all of this sort of thing went, and she thought it was kind of stupid how much emphasis was put on something as simple as walking, but she'd go with it, as apparently these things were important. Or something.

Afterwards, the group made their way to a pizza place nearby to settle in and settle down and have one good night out before tomorrow got more stressful.

[Up early for SP. For bridal party, dates, and other guests to the Friday thingie yay!
ETA: For clarification, cuz a couple people have asked. If you were told you were welcome to the dinner, you were invited. Otherwise the wedding stuff takes place tomorrow.]
There was a week to go. A week. Aeryn had no idea how that had even happened, or where the last few months had gone, and it still didn't feel like everything was settled yet. And there was only a week. Seriously.

It was one of the rare Saturdays that she didn't have to work, second in a row now, and she was spending her day off trying to ignore everything wedding-related. Except that anytime she did something as simple as turn on the TV and flip through channels, she would come across something like a wedding-themed show marathon and be left muttering at it.
The apartment's looking more like an apartment, what with furniture and all, and Aeryn is even dressed more or less like Aeryn today, and overall she's just glad to see people.

As are the fish, who are looking very cheerful today. You can totally tell. And then they forget why they're cheerful three seconds later. Oh well.
After workshops, the girls head to meet Sam at the bridal shop in Alexandria to do a little thing called dress shopping. Aeryn would call it "getting it over with", which is why we're not asking her.

She's also trying not to make it look too obvious that she's not exactly in her element here. She's being really careful with how she says words in front of the workers who might not be used to how she sometimes mispronounces things, for one. And she actually takes the time to sign up for the mailing list- not that she knows what one is- because it means stalling in getting to the dresses.

[For [ profile] carter_i_am, [ profile] rory__gilmore, [ profile] bruiser_in_pink and [ profile] izzyalienqueen. NFB for distance, and yay SP!]
It's a good thing Aeryn got over that slight technophobia a while back, because she's spending a lot of time on the computer lately. Dress shopping is Tuesday, and she figures it's a good idea to do some research beforehand, just so she can't be talked into anything she shouldn't be.

...This is so the girliest thing ever.

For the first time in her life, Aeryn is working on a letter. She left the door open because Bertram kept trying to wander in and out, but she's not paying attention to anything going on outside. She's not even entirely sure what's supposed to go in a letter. The Peacekeepers weren't exactly big on correspondence. In the end, after several badly-written drafts, Aeryn ended up with something that read:

dear alanna )

She's just a wordsmith, huh? And then she gets to work on an E-mail, but soon figures out that she's used up all her words, and makes a phone call. Much easier.

Aeryn's tired of being cooped up in the cabin today, so as soon as the sun's going down, she heads outside for a while. She's got a bottle of water with her, mostly because it will probably keep John from asking her if she needs any, and puts it down as she takes a seat on the front step, just taking advantage of being out here while she can.

Aeryn has a headache. This might have to do with being out way too late staring at the sparkly cabin with Mel. She couldn't even be out late for a good reason. It had just been impossible to look away.

So she's not in the best mood today. And she's trying to go over the binder, but is having trouble concentrating on the words. Which is why she got out the laptop to just start looking at sites and wondering why this one has three pages of napkins.

There is always Elvis, really.

[Please bother her.]
When Aeryn gets back to the alcove after saying goodbye to Parker, the first thing she sees is the binder Isabel gave her yesterday. Which is of course not at all because she spent a very good part of yesterday ignoring it, then picking it up to look through it, then ignoring it, then deciding she should at least get an idea from it, ad nauseum.

"Maybe we should figure out when to do this," she says.
Yesterday Aeryn graduated, watched the school blow up, killed some aliens, and got engaged.

Guess which one of those things is still sinking in.

She's awake, still not moving, and occasionally looking at the ring because she can't believe it's there.


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