Aeryn hasn't really slept. Mostly she's been trying to sleep and failing because the thoughts won't stop. Not for the first time, she realizes how much easier this was when she didn't have to think for herself.

She finally gave up and got out of bed, and is now sitting on the floor near the door, back against the wall, distractedly plying with a thread on the knee of her sleep pants.
The Prowler has good environmentals, so Aeryn's not worried about being outside. In fact, it gives her more reason to stay right where she is.

She really doesn't want to talk about what's bothering her. It's not anything anyone can fix. She's seen the outside world. It's hard to try to act and talk and look like them. She knows she's not like them. She's spent almost her entire life in the Peacekeepers, and then the last two years in Fandom, and she knows neither place is normal by Earth standards. Then add in the fact that she has no idea what she's qualified to do for a job, and if she ever gets sick or injured she's going to have to deal with it because doctors here seem clueless, never mind that they can't find out she's not human... And she really doesn't want to be forced to leave her ship here.

And it's hard to tell this to someone who's made several offers to leave so she would be more comfortable because she fully expects to have to turn down the offer again while he knows she's not having an easy time of it. Much easier to shut up and deal with it and work it all out. Too bad he can't frelling cooperate.

When it's cooled down some more, she finally pops the canopy and hops out of the Prowler to head back. Hopefully by now John's asleep and they can postpone the next argument till tomorrow.

[Establishy. Unless you're really intent on catching her going back to the dorms.]
Aeryn walked around for a while after Gun Club, finally making a quick call to Rory before going back to the room. Maybe it wouldn't be too uncomfortable if she had to leave later.

She's quiet when she opens the door and steps inside.
Aeryn's pretty sure Anakin's not going to kill John scene's still being played but she's not leaving till that statement is true dammit, but she's kind of nervous to leave the room anyway. To say it's been a bad week is to underestimate what 'bad' means, at least in Aeryn's head. And at the same time it's just so uncomfortable that she really does wish she still had 209.

Right now she's just sitting on the sofa, not really looking at anything, just thinking. Which sucks.

[For John plz.]
Aeryn has no idea what she's supposed to be packing. Normally she wouldn't even worry about this till tomorrow, right before they leave, but it will be early and she wants to make a good impression. Or at least a better impression than the last time. It's probably the only time you'll see her putting things in a bag, changing her mind, and staring at the closet for a while before grabbing something a little more... normal.

[For John.]
Aeryn's almost a little surprised that Valentine's Day went so well. Because, well, last year at this time she was headed back to the Peacekeepers and breaking up with John. This year there are still issues, but after talking to Angel yesterday she feels slightly better about one of them. And seriously, she's never telling John talking made her feel better.

At the moment she's sitting on the couch, bare feet on the table, just looking across the room out the windows. It's too dark to see anything, but still.
Aeryn's learned one really important lesson in the last year or so, namely that there is a big difference between random emo and dealing with the fallout of being under a lot of stress. And despite yesterday's talk, she's okay with taking some extra time to do her usual run around the preserve a second time. She'd had a lot of energy she just needed to burn off.

So she's in a better mood when she comes back to the room, though she's not sure how long that will last, if today's anything like yesterday.

[For John.]
After class, Aeryn brings Egg back to 209. Yeah, she's back here again. Being honest and attempting to talk had worked so well yesterday that she kind of doesn't want to do it again, so she closes the door and sets Egg in his cushioned bowl on the desk.

And it's just kind of there.

Which bothers here after about ten seconds. "Don't look at me like that," she tells him.
Aeryn gets back from her run, closing the door behind her. One one hand, it's really nice not to have to tote the egg baby around with her for things like that. On the other hand, she's wondering how D'Anna's treating Egg and almost kind of looking forward to getting him back. Well, she would be if it really occurred to her that she was. But she is.
Aeryn doesn't actually want time alone, but after that whole thing where she had two arguments in less than twelve hours about how she didn't want to talk, she doesn't bother going to 238 after class. Instead she heads to her own room, closes the door... quickly figures out that the problem with practically living in a different room is that all of her stuff is no longer where she is. Mostly she's just sitting there and thinking, occasionally getting up to clear the dust off the top of one of the frames on her wall or something.

[Open like an open thing. You get cookies if you manage to cheer her up.]
Aeryn got very little sleep last night. And ordinarily she'd go out for a run or something, but she gets the feeling not being there when John wakes up might make things worse and give her another thing to explain. So there are pancakes being made, because mixes are easy and yet it's something to do, both at the same time.
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[Takes place during this.]

There are things Aeryn can't process right now, such as everything Xhalax has said so far. Aeryn knows how to detach herself, though. All she has to know is that there won't be a change of heart at the last microt, and if she wants to live, it's up to her. And she recognizes two mistakes Xhalax made. The first was underestimating her survival instinct. The second was assuming that just because she had been walking around town without a pulse weapon, it didn't mean she was stupid enough to go unarmed.

cut for length )

[Again, NFB due to distance la.]
Aeryn is really very good at avoiding people when she chooses to. And right now, it seems like she has a lot of people to avoid for one reason or another. She's tired of people leaving, she's tired of arguing, and while working things out is good advice, she isn't sure right now how to work things out. Trying didn't work out too well.

So she's back in 209 again, knowing John will probably be upset about that later, and not caring much. It's much easier to not deal right now, to just sit there and not think. Which is working, really.

If there's another good thing about the Peacekeepers, there's no need for unnecessary drama there.

[Door is closed, post is open, girl is pissy, mun needs distraction.]
It's just learning the controls. That's it. Nothing to be nervous about. Even if it is John in the Prowler for different reasons than the last time.

She leads the way past the troopers, and up to the Prowler. "All right, inside," she says.

[That they're here is okay for broadcast. The rest, nuh uh.]
Aeryn's had a pretty busy weekend so far.

cut for linkdrop )

And of course John was still John, and while she was completely confused as to how last night turned out the way it did, it apparently was the night for it. So Aeryn stole one of his crutches- he clearly doesn't need them- and has it propped up against the open doorframe, just in case he walks by. And she's looking through pictures.

[Door's open.]
Aeryn was up early, quietly packing what little she brought to the cabins into her bag. It doesn't take long, so she goes back outside, sitting on the front step of the cabin to watch for Cameron.

[For [ profile] cameronmitchell.]
Aeryn's not dealing with some things right now. Instead she's knocking on the door to 238 early. And she may be pushing down enough emo-turned-irritation that she's pointedly not using the key. But she's not dealing with the emo-turned-irritation at the moment.
After talking with Isabel in the gym, Aeryn heads back up to her room. She's been given something to think about, even though she doesn't even know how to broach the topic with John at the moment. Which is fine as he's currently in detention anyway. Besides, they have to see Zhaan first, and that's going to take a bit of preparation as it is. She just isn't sure how much John will want to reveal and how much she'll have to say for him and how much trouble she'll get into about that. She's just had to learn how to be much more careful, that's all. It's a skill she should have had before.

She closes her door.

[Knocking is perfectly acceptable.]
Not counting the animal balancing thing, it's the first time Aeryn's been in the common room since she got back, and... it wasn't bad. She's actually talking to people like normal. About things like Nerf guns.

Aeryn closes the door and dresses for bed.
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Okay, maybe there are better ways to end a phone call. But all Aeryn needs to hear are the words "Darla" in conjunction with "bad news" and she's leaving 209 to head down the hall and knock on John's door.


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