Aeryn's had a bad week, what with the Vader fight, seeing Luke off, and dealing with John's poor brain. She might still be housing some frustration because when she finally comes back to the room after being out for a while, there's two inches less of her hair, because she had to take it out on something.
Aeryn's learned one really important lesson in the last year or so, namely that there is a big difference between random emo and dealing with the fallout of being under a lot of stress. And despite yesterday's talk, she's okay with taking some extra time to do her usual run around the preserve a second time. She'd had a lot of energy she just needed to burn off.

So she's in a better mood when she comes back to the room, though she's not sure how long that will last, if today's anything like yesterday.

[For John.]
After yesterday's talk with Vader, Aeryn pretty much went into quiet avoidy mode. It wasn't even that the talk had gone badly; in fact he'd only yelled once. But still, hearing those words out of Anakin's mouth was disconcerting, at best.

Which is today's excuse for why she didn't really sleep, and why she's finally starting to get out of bed. Hey, if she's going to be awake, might as well put that to use for something like breakfast.
Aeryn gets back from her run, closing the door behind her. One one hand, it's really nice not to have to tote the egg baby around with her for things like that. On the other hand, she's wondering how D'Anna's treating Egg and almost kind of looking forward to getting him back. Well, she would be if it really occurred to her that she was. But she is.
Aeryn's spent quite a bit of time on her own since Friday. Because you know, you find out that your closest friend and the one person you've always been able to relate to personally isn't really dead and has instead turned into someone who can blow up a person'a planet just to prove a point and can apparently chop off his own son's hand in trying to get him to join him, and that takes some Thought. So she's either been quiet, or spending a lot of time in 209 where there aren't any distractions.

What there is is a wall full of pictures and maps of space and star systems that people had given her over the last year. There was a lot of time spent dwelling on the one Anakin had given her. Probably a sad amount of time, actually. She didn't take it down, though, and she couldn't exactly say why.

She comes back to 238 after having left early that morning, closing the door quietly behind her.
Having heard the radio, Aeryn's decided it might be a good idea to leave John alone for a while and hope he didn't do something stupid like smother himself in the meantime. By the time evening rolls around, she's started to think that's just silly, and she heads on over. She might unlock and open the door a little slowly, though, like a warning.
Aeryn almost automatically goes to 238 instead of her own room. She could, but that just feels a little weird right now, so after that little pause at the door, she continues on like she never thought of it.

She spent most of her morning in the gym, meeting some of the new people. She's not sure about Buffy, though that might be due to either the name association or the fact that she asked Aeryn about cheerleading tryouts, but Dean seems all right. And while she's pretty used to English Peter now, it's still good to see someone familiar.

She's done being social for now. She closes the door so she can call Callisto. And debate something like a dartboard, because she still kind of randomly wants to hit things.

[Door's closed but I am open for people. Just not in a CR today, zomg.]


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