There's a lot of avoiding going on, so Aeryn hasn't even set foot in her normal places yet. Friday night people are usually doing something else, so that's when she heads down to the gym.

Putting on her gloves, she approaches the bag with a few punches, short and to the point, and while it's not the best thing to be doing with an injury, it's this or sit in her room and be emo. And Aeryn's deciding emo's just not worth her time. The punches come faster and harder, adding the occasional kick just for a change of pace. She's not visualizing a face on the bag. It's just a bag, and she can beat on it without having to feel guilty or bad about it, and it's nice to hit something that can't hit back.

When she's finished, she's sweating and there's a definite pain factor, but whatever. It's better than it was.

She puts the gloves back in her locker, and leaves the gym.
When Aeryn said "in the gym at 6 am," she meant in the gym at 6 am. She'd actually woken up earlier in order to account for any wakeup time John needed. And then dragged him down there whether he was awake or not.

This was what he got for teasing her. She wouldn't be too mean...
Yes, again.

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There's still several hours until daylight when Aeryn wanders down to the gym, putting on her gloves and starting in on the punching bag. This time there is a problem.

John had kissed someone else, and it doesn't really matter how long ago it was, because the point was, they'd been together at the time. They'd been fighting, sure, but they hadn't broken up. They fought pretty damn often; did that mean that was how he got over it every time? Being drunk wasn't even an excuse. She'd been drunk and kissed someone, too: John. If he'd told her when it first happened, she could have dealt with it, but instead, she got to find out months later. And she got to wonder if there was anything else he was hiding, and whether she was naive for believing anything he said to her.

Talking to Cam had helped, as had letting Janet and Bridge and Vala distract her. And there was truth to Janet's comment about not being sure Aeryn still lived in the room, because sleeping in her own bed took some getting used to every time she did it. She'd gotten too comfortable. She'd gone along with the thought of living with John until he called her on it. She'd admitted things to him that she could barely admit to herself. She had even put serious thought into actually giving up her entire life and staying on Earth, even though she knew what that meant... and he kissed someone else.

This is the sort of thing that makes her want to go home. It's easy there. At the very least, she won't have to feel like this there because the Peacekeepers don't put up with relationships like this. Attachments make it harder to do the job at hand, and Aeryn is really beginning to see why firsthand. Time and time again she puts herself in the position to be hurt or to hurt him, and every time she does what she could to fix it and make it better, only to hurt again. She's tired of feeling like this. She's tired of hurting and she hates that anyone else can make her feel this way and she really hates thoughts like "Maybe it would be better if we didn't do this."

She really hates that the good parts can outweigh this, and that she knows she's not always going to be here and won't have to feel like this forever, and that she's just going to put herself back in the position to hurt like this again.

When Aeryn finally stops, she's out of breath and her shoulders are sore, and she's late for her Criminal Justice final.
After Criminal Justice, Aeryn checks the gym to see if anyone else is there. It's empty for once, so she goes to get her gloves, straps them on, and starts pounding away at the punching bag.

It isn't that things are bad. In fact, everything right now is going surprisingly well. Chicago even took care of that twitchy feeling she'd been getting from being grounded too long. And yet there's that one problem. The same one that can't go away, that's going to hang over her head and John's as long as she's here. The same one that she forgets about sometimes, or at least doesn't think about. That's the problem that needs to be beaten out when she does think about it.

It's a short-term solution for a long-term problem, but she'll take what she can get.

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Aeryn leaves John's room early, heading down to the gym and wondering if it wouldn't have been a good idea to put this off for a day. She goes anyway, waiting for Callisto.

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It's been two days since anything strange or bad has happened, and Aeryn thinks it's probably not a good thing that she's keeping track of the days. It's definitely not a good thing that she's waiting for the next wave of it. She's not upset when she heads to the gym, though; she just wants to do something. She's not even pounding on the bag today.

At least the sea monkeys are doing things now.

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After the not-fight stemming from the Rubik's cube gone wrong, Aeryn's almost tempted to head into town for a while. But that probably means she'll end up at Spike's, and that way leads to problems. Instead, she heads to the gym.

Just when she thinks she's fitting in here, something happens to remind her that she can't know everything that other people take for granted. And the influx of families this weekend isn't going to help, and she knew that before, but it was probably time to admit it to herself.

Beating up on things, though, that helps.
Aeryn has been spending a lot of time at the gym this week, which isn't out of the ordinary, but she doesn't like the reasoning behind it. She doesn't want to be frustrated, but Crichton frelling brings it out of her. Yesterday resulted in bruised and scraped knuckles, so today she's wearing gloves as she beats on the punching bag.

He wants to help? Fine. Except he's not frelling helping.

(OOC: Feel free to antagonize/cheer her up. Either one might make her feel better and if she gets any more emo on me, I swear to god she's ending up strapped to something at the bottom of a large body of water.)
It feels like forever since Aeryn's gotten any exercise standing up, so she heads to the gym for a while. This isn't anger disguised as a workout, though, because she's really very content with things.

However, if anyone mentions the bruise on her neck (thanks, John), they're getting punched.

OOC: Feel free to play while she's actually in a good mood. They're rare. *g*


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