So far today Aeryn's fought with John, reenrolled in school and gotten the Prowler taken care of. And there's the new room. Hm.

She unlocks the door for the first time, drops her bag onto the bed, and pulls out some of the clothes she had in there, avoiding some of the other objects. She's going to forget what a polar bear even is right now. Then she knocks the bag to the floor, and tah dah. She's unpacked. Welcome home.

[If you really need to talk to my girl, here she is. If you're going to purposely antagonize HER, OMG *g*, I beg you please please please please don't.

ETA: Hey self, don't report the actual conversations. They're NFB. *nods*]
Aeryn wakes up on the couch in John's room, which is strange on many, many levels. There's an odd feel to it, made worse by the fact that only two weeks ago she almost considered this place hers, and now it's the least welcoming place ever. She's even in her old clothes, which don't even feel right now.

Not that she got much sleep anyway. She should have, as she's exhausted, but she's too busy thinking of things that are not John, like where she's going to go now and how she's going to get anywhere when she depleted her fuel supply with this little side trip that shouldn't have been a side trip. Plus there's the fact that the person she's not thinking about is in the same room and doesn't actually want her there. Fine then. He won't miss her.

She winces as she sits up, looks over at the locker that used to be hers, and debates throwing half the contents of her bag in there with the rest of it. Take what she'll actually need and forget what she doesn't. For some reason, she doesn't do it.

Instead she gets up with the intent of taking over the shower, because she doesn't know when she'll actually be anywhere to do that again for a while. She stops by the sea monkeys on her way into the bathroom, though, just to make sure they're doing all right. And yes, she says hello to them by name. She might not know who's who, but she at least knows that.

[ETA: Hmmm. *looks at radio* *locks post to John if he's around*

ETA 2: Topic of conversation is so NFB, yo.]
Aeryn leaves Flight Club early after John called. She argues with him about leaving even as she does, in fact, leave, wanders back to the second floor, and knocks on his door just to prove a point before opening it herself.

She hangs up.
After leaving the gym, and spending a ridiculous amount of time wandering around and telling herself that she was not going to go see John...

...she knocks on the door to 238.
(OOC: You can probably figure out which girls see this.)

How is it that I actually have a boyfriend and I am getting the least action out of anyone?

And mostly, how is it that he has managed to twist me around into begging for it? I am NOT that person.

I don't have a class until 1. I could start drinking. I need fellip nectar sent from home.
I went over to Logan Echoll's party tonight. Right from the start [ profile] _ripper_giles_ offered me something called rummincoke, which was very good and strong (I think they ran out of alcohol) and yes, I was drunk. Got to talking a bit with [ profile] emo_padawan about politics and what's wrong with government, of all things, and actually had fun discussing it.

Now, John, don't get mad at me for the next part, because I'm only stating what happened because people are going to ask me. We're good now.

And then John showed up. John and I... have a complicated? relationship, at best. There was plenty of flirting, and when I invited him to frell my brains out he wanted to cuddle, claiming that he's a Southern gentleman even though I can think of one or two not-gentlemanly things he's done, thankyouverymuch. I'm not the type of girl who just offers herself up like that, so I do not know what John was thinking. And a man agreed with me! One that was even flirting with my boyfriend. (And I swear to whatever deity you believe in John, if you so much as TOUCH Lee Adama and I'm not involved...)

Things seem to be are better.

By the way, Kara? Lee was pretty upset. You might want to talk to him. And with that, I step out of it.


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