If pressed, Aeryn would say that the reason that she didn't sleep well last night was that she wasn't used to the bed after spending the weekend in the hotel, even though being transferred from place to place and sleeping in different places depending on assignment was practically ingrained into her genetic code. She hadn't slept well all weekend, actually, and it wasn't that she hadn't had a good time over homecoming. She really had. She liked being able to see her friends and catch up and be able to see them when she talked to them instead of using the phone. This was all while ignoring the Luxan, of course. And Lee.

There was just one little thing that just kept nagging at her.

Giving up early, Aeryn got up and dressed, and headed out, returning a while later with a bag in hand to lock herself in the bathroom. She'd wanted to do this earlier, just to have some sort of proof, but she didn't want to risk it ending up on the radio. Privacy was one plus Cambridge had over Fandom.

She read the directions about five times before taking the test, and about ten times after seeing the result, just in case she could blame this on not being a native English-reader. She knew better, though. She'd done it right, and she didn't think Aly would lie to her. She did consider making another trip out, though. Maybe a different brand would be wrong. Best out of three, even.
It's day what, four? five? or sleeping in her own bed that she's kind of coming to resent, and Aeryn's getting crabby about it.

It's also day four or five of that stupid pact, which she doesn't know how she ended up in and doesn't know why they're keeping it up except that it's the principle of the thing, and Cally's graffiti on the door of 238 really is the opposite of what they're striving for. The objective is to make people stop talking. Apparently. Aeryn's not happy about this, either.

She's definitely bruised from sparring with Cameron yesterday, and she feels slightly guilty about how bad they got, but there's nothing she can do about that now. And the stupid fluffy bed she's been sleeping in has somehow made her muscles stiffen more. That's just going to make Aeryn's mood worse throughout the day.

And she's going to have to hit John and Lee for the radio. Just because. She does not have arms the size of Callisto's thighs. And she doesn't want to know what the butter's for.

Then there's the matter of Camilla, who apparently left. Yes, she'd knitted on Aeryn's bed, but she'd knitted her a scarf and was really very accommodating. In the face of the toaster who calls her flat-chested and the DRD that shocks her for no reason, the Muppet chicken hadn't been so bad. And come on, the meta. This has the potential to make Aeryn a little sad. She doesn't know what's up with the weird blue thing.

Aeryn kind of hates everything today.

She winces her way off the damn mattress and starts getting ready for classes.
Yes, again.

((Feel free to stop in, though she may be a little... yeah.))
After Criminal Justice, Aeryn checks the gym to see if anyone else is there. It's empty for once, so she goes to get her gloves, straps them on, and starts pounding away at the punching bag.

It isn't that things are bad. In fact, everything right now is going surprisingly well. Chicago even took care of that twitchy feeling she'd been getting from being grounded too long. And yet there's that one problem. The same one that can't go away, that's going to hang over her head and John's as long as she's here. The same one that she forgets about sometimes, or at least doesn't think about. That's the problem that needs to be beaten out when she does think about it.

It's a short-term solution for a long-term problem, but she'll take what she can get.

((Feel free to stop in, if you so choose.))
After the not-fight stemming from the Rubik's cube gone wrong, Aeryn's almost tempted to head into town for a while. But that probably means she'll end up at Spike's, and that way leads to problems. Instead, she heads to the gym.

Just when she thinks she's fitting in here, something happens to remind her that she can't know everything that other people take for granted. And the influx of families this weekend isn't going to help, and she knew that before, but it was probably time to admit it to herself.

Beating up on things, though, that helps.
*is in a bad mood*

And I want my shirt back.


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