All in all, Aeryn hasn't had the worst week. She discovered bowling, which is more fun when Anakin has to act like a bird, her classes have been going well, visiting people, and... other stuff. She's even been able to deal with random forts and their aftermath and accidental propositioning-but-not. Part of her blames that Massachusetts thing. She's just comfortable right now. In general. In a manner of speaking.

And then earlier she made a phone call she thinks she had to, and just kind of stays in the room for a while.

[Door's closed, post is open if you want to come by. Might be slow pinging at times, but my breaks are becoming more and more frequent, so that might not even make a difference, ha.]
Aeryn had an interesting day yesterday. One little gremlin bite led to her thinking she was a captured princess, where she freaked out John, frustrated someone who was very kind but new to heroing, yelled at Vladdie and called Rory a lesbian, was reminded of lava monsters by Dean Tick, nearly groped by Joxer who is going to die, maybe accidentally proposed to Bridge, decided Tim was too slow to deal with, tried to make Hamlet her butler, then was "rescued" by Anakin who ran away when she asked to make out with him. Aeryn will be killing herself today, yes.

And then she wandered to Caritas, where she was weird at John, threw a drink at GOB, and was a total bitch to Parker before she got up on the stage, only for it to wear off right at the end. Luckily John is the best boyfriend ever and got her home. Later there will be phone calls and listening to the radio, but for now Aeryn is not. leaving. the bed.
Aeryn finally comes back from the abandoned shack much later than she intended. Yes, they really were there that long. Shut up. They don't see each other as much, what with the being in warring cabins and all. Stickbug and Meerkat, romance of the century.

She goes straight into her alcove, pulls the curtain half-closed, and collapses back onto her bed. Yay recovery. (What? It's been very weird week. Sometimes there needs to be some resting time.)

[Shhh. I was dared. Open to any Meerkats that might be about.]
Aeryn's been bad at sleeping tonight. She's actually had a lot of good conversations lately (and some weird ones, and leaves, yes), but she's also been really honest and that way leads to thinking.

She gets out of bed, gets her phone, and makes a quick call before trying to get to sleep. Or back to sleep. Whatever.

She is completely oblivious to any pranks that will get certain boys' asses kicked.

[I have no idea what my alcove is. Fellow Meerkats?]
Aeryn almost automatically goes to 238 instead of her own room. She could, but that just feels a little weird right now, so after that little pause at the door, she continues on like she never thought of it.

She spent most of her morning in the gym, meeting some of the new people. She's not sure about Buffy, though that might be due to either the name association or the fact that she asked Aeryn about cheerleading tryouts, but Dean seems all right. And while she's pretty used to English Peter now, it's still good to see someone familiar.

She's done being social for now. She closes the door so she can call Callisto. And debate something like a dartboard, because she still kind of randomly wants to hit things.

[Door's closed but I am open for people. Just not in a CR today, zomg.]
And today's the day she should be up early to go to Criminal Justice classes. Aeryn is kind of beginning to regret being so used to routine.

She's been pretty social the last few days. She had been approached by Jack Harkness who didn't know she'd once shot him, seen someone talking to their TV or a dog or something, been winked at, annoyed and called pretty (and the juxtaposition of those two things is a little strange), and bowed at, though that hadn't turned out badly. At least Dawn hadn't done anything she thought was strange. And at least she knew what to expect from everyone else, mostly.

Aeryn's burned out on social today. She'll just roll back into bed and try to get back to some sort of decent sleep schedule. Until summer semester frells that up, probably.


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