If pressed, Aeryn would say that the reason that she didn't sleep well last night was that she wasn't used to the bed after spending the weekend in the hotel, even though being transferred from place to place and sleeping in different places depending on assignment was practically ingrained into her genetic code. She hadn't slept well all weekend, actually, and it wasn't that she hadn't had a good time over homecoming. She really had. She liked being able to see her friends and catch up and be able to see them when she talked to them instead of using the phone. This was all while ignoring the Luxan, of course. And Lee.

There was just one little thing that just kept nagging at her.

Giving up early, Aeryn got up and dressed, and headed out, returning a while later with a bag in hand to lock herself in the bathroom. She'd wanted to do this earlier, just to have some sort of proof, but she didn't want to risk it ending up on the radio. Privacy was one plus Cambridge had over Fandom.

She read the directions about five times before taking the test, and about ten times after seeing the result, just in case she could blame this on not being a native English-reader. She knew better, though. She'd done it right, and she didn't think Aly would lie to her. She did consider making another trip out, though. Maybe a different brand would be wrong. Best out of three, even.
When Aeryn gets back to the room, she sees that she's left her phone again. And wow that's a lot of messages for one day. The first one's weird, the second makes her shudder, the third she doesn't understand and the fourth is going to get someone killed. And the fifth is scary because she recognizes the voice immediately.

She's just going to turn the phone right off for now, because this sort of thing has happened before and John's probably doing enough damage for... well, half the school, possibly.
Aeryn's a little fuzzy on last night, except for that part where she feels terrible. Her head is pounding, and with a groan, she pulls a pillow over her head and hopes it's not really Tuesday and she doesn't have class this morning.
Aeryn's had a bad week, what with the Vader fight, seeing Luke off, and dealing with John's poor brain. She might still be housing some frustration because when she finally comes back to the room after being out for a while, there's two inches less of her hair, because she had to take it out on something.
Aeryn kind of kept expecting a call back from Luke, and when she didn't get one, she started to worry a little. She made it a point to get up early specifically to hear the radio, and mentions of clinic visits don't make her feel that happy. She gets dressed, then before leaving, thinks to grab her phone and make a quick call to Peter before starting for the door.
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So today has mainly been stilted conversation, gym, more handwaved stilted conversation, alone time in 209, and finally another return to 238. Aeryn's's a little surprised to see that John's gone, but she'll just be glad that he's getting out.

If she's being honest, this whole thing is really hard, and today was just kind of the day where she actually realized that. Add to that yesterday's Ethics class and Peter's phone call and Aeryn is once again having One of Those Days. Weeks. Whatever.

It's quiet in the room, but she's getting used to that, so she gets a bottle of water and sits down with her bio notes, because no one ever told her studying on a Friday night wasn't cool.

[Door's closed, post is open.]
It's only been a day, but Aeryn's discovered that things get really quiet without John around. He hasn't been home since school started last year. He's always been in this room. And now it's weird, even if he's only a state or two or however many it is (ask her where Svalbard is and she knows it; North Carolina, not so much).

She's gone for the walk/run that she's tended to make habit, she's fed the animals, and she's got a book out to study, though she's not really looking at it.

Finally tiring of the silence, she looks around, and sees Bertram skittering around on the carpet. "You can make some noise, can't you?" she asks.

He stops, the eyestalks turn towards her, and he begins making random beeping noises as he moves.

[Door's closed, post is open.]
Just then, a shot from a pulse rifle rang through the crowd, and a team of Peacekeeper soldiers formed a wall in front of them, trying to block one avenue of escape. People began to scatter for cover, or in some cases, for their own weapons.

cut for length. again )

[Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] whitedeathpod, [livejournal.com profile] izzyalienqueen, [livejournal.com profile] carter_i_am, [livejournal.com profile] peter__parker and [livejournal.com profile] tatooinedoofus. No interaction possible, because hi, other planet. OOC comments welcome.]
From a distance, the commerce planet just looked like any other ordinary world. It wasn't until anyone got closer that they would notice just how busy it was. It didn't look too out of the ordinary, just a marketplace, except it was bigger than any old marketplace.

There were outdoor and indoor areas, lined with carts and shops, people shopping and selling and sometimes stealing. The people didn't look human, either, ranging widely in size and species, and a good deal of them weren't even bothering to hide the weapons they were carrying.

Anyone walking in from the landing area would suddenly be right in the middle of it.

[Locked to [livejournal.com profile] whitedeathpod, [livejournal.com profile] tatooine_doofus, [livejournal.com profile] peter__parker, [livejournal.com profile] carter_i_am and [livejournal.com profile] izzyalienqueen. Up early for SP and NFB due to distance.]


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