It's pure determination that has Aeryn insisting they go back to the cabins from Caritas, because John kept talking about going back to Meerkat and frell it, they're going back to Meerkat. She's okay enough to get them back to the cabin without a problem, but four drinks mean she still doesn't realize she's got an umbrella in her hair. That'll suck when she wakes up tomorrow with it stabbing her in the ear.

And for the record, she doesn't shove John out of bed. Even if it does seem a little small for all the space he insists on taking up.
Aeryn has no classes on Thursday, and hasn't done much of anything today. She's just sitting on her bed, finally actually unpacking her bag. Yes, just now. It's only two weeks, she'd much prefer to live out of her bag, but today she's just sick of it.

[Open to anyone who feels like chatting. I'll be around for a while.]
Aeryn was up early, quietly packing what little she brought to the cabins into her bag. It doesn't take long, so she goes back outside, sitting on the front step of the cabin to watch for Cameron.

[For [ profile] cameronmitchell.]
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The weather on this planet can't seem to make up its mind, and it's starting to get annoying. She did consider making the trek over to the gym, but the simple fact is she doesn't feel like it. Instead, she finds herself going into the bag she brought with her, taking out the album full of pictures of John as an animal, wondering whether Rita Skeeter had been on drugs, and whether she's gotten some sort of help since then.

[I'm bored, it's slow, and I can't start on radio yet. Therefore.]
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Aeryn is up for a while by the time she finally leaves the cabin, waiting by the entrance for a moment just in case anyone comes out of the one next door.
Aeryn finally comes back from the abandoned shack much later than she intended. Yes, they really were there that long. Shut up. They don't see each other as much, what with the being in warring cabins and all. Stickbug and Meerkat, romance of the century.

She goes straight into her alcove, pulls the curtain half-closed, and collapses back onto her bed. Yay recovery. (What? It's been very weird week. Sometimes there needs to be some resting time.)

[Shhh. I was dared. Open to any Meerkats that might be about.]
After talking with Rory, Aeryn heads outside for a walk, or a run, or something. Or maybe towards the gym. She's headed somewhere, she just doesn't know where yet.
Aeryn's been bad at sleeping tonight. She's actually had a lot of good conversations lately (and some weird ones, and leaves, yes), but she's also been really honest and that way leads to thinking.

She gets out of bed, gets her phone, and makes a quick call before trying to get to sleep. Or back to sleep. Whatever.

She is completely oblivious to any pranks that will get certain boys' asses kicked.

[I have no idea what my alcove is. Fellow Meerkats?]


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