Once the wedding was over, the Sun-Crichton party was ushered back indoors to the reception inside the Charles Hotel. The room was done up very nicely in red and black (for no reason, really), lit with candles and Christmas lights, several large tables set up around the room in front of the very long head table.

The hotel workers were busy getting food ready, and the doors were open, allowing the wedding party and guests to take their seats and enjoy the party.
Friday was busier than Aeryn had anticipated somehow, with people coming in from out of town, followed by the rehearsal at the hotel where the ceremony and reception would take place. And personally, she had no idea how anyone remembered how all of this sort of thing went, and she thought it was kind of stupid how much emphasis was put on something as simple as walking, but she'd go with it, as apparently these things were important. Or something.

Afterwards, the group made their way to a pizza place nearby to settle in and settle down and have one good night out before tomorrow got more stressful.

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ETA: For clarification, cuz a couple people have asked. If you were told you were welcome to the dinner, you were invited. Otherwise the wedding stuff takes place tomorrow.]
If pressed, Aeryn would say that the reason that she didn't sleep well last night was that she wasn't used to the bed after spending the weekend in the hotel, even though being transferred from place to place and sleeping in different places depending on assignment was practically ingrained into her genetic code. She hadn't slept well all weekend, actually, and it wasn't that she hadn't had a good time over homecoming. She really had. She liked being able to see her friends and catch up and be able to see them when she talked to them instead of using the phone. This was all while ignoring the Luxan, of course. And Lee.

There was just one little thing that just kept nagging at her.

Giving up early, Aeryn got up and dressed, and headed out, returning a while later with a bag in hand to lock herself in the bathroom. She'd wanted to do this earlier, just to have some sort of proof, but she didn't want to risk it ending up on the radio. Privacy was one plus Cambridge had over Fandom.

She read the directions about five times before taking the test, and about ten times after seeing the result, just in case she could blame this on not being a native English-reader. She knew better, though. She'd done it right, and she didn't think Aly would lie to her. She did consider making another trip out, though. Maybe a different brand would be wrong. Best out of three, even.
After workshops, the girls head to meet Sam at the bridal shop in Alexandria to do a little thing called dress shopping. Aeryn would call it "getting it over with", which is why we're not asking her.

She's also trying not to make it look too obvious that she's not exactly in her element here. She's being really careful with how she says words in front of the workers who might not be used to how she sometimes mispronounces things, for one. And she actually takes the time to sign up for the mailing list- not that she knows what one is- because it means stalling in getting to the dresses.

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After getting John's chip removed and making sure there weren't going to be any nasty side effects right away, the group is cleared to leave. There isn't anything to pack, so as soon as everyone's aboard the transport, they're lifting off to start back home.

If it seems like Aeryn's not thinking too much and kind of avoiding the fact that John seems more or less normal, that would be a good assessment. It's been a bad week.
Aeryn's doing very exciting things, like trying once again to be able to pronounce the words in her Anatomy textbook. It's not going well, but at least she isn't throwing books across the room. She's mid-word when she hears something bang against the door, and sees Bertram trying to get out. While letting him out kind of terrifies her, he keeps it up until she's annoyed enough to open the door to let him out.

She's just sat down on the couch again when she hears the banging again, this time from the other side of the door. Sighing, Aeryn gets up and opens it. "Make a decision," she tells him.

Bertram beeps at her and scurries inside again. Aeryn closes the door, starts back, and there's that sound again.

This would be why the door to the room is open.

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Aeryn's had a rough couple of days, to say the least. She still doesn't remember most of what happened yesterday, though she does remember waking up in the clinic. And today she's tired, but not so much that she wasn't more social than she has been pretty much at any other time ever. Either way, she's glad to be home.

And as soon as the door to the room is closed, she says, "Shower," and heads in that direction.
Aeryn isn't a huge fan of the computer lab, but she still woke up early and spent most of her morning there, first trying to figure out how to spell that Massachusetts place and then figuring out how to look it up online. That was a first. She just printed everything out, not even sure if she was getting the right information, then brought it back to her room.

And now she's trying to read through it all, which should maybe a sign as to how important this is to her right now.

[Door's closed, but I am in desperate need of distraction. Come visit.[
It's pure determination that has Aeryn insisting they go back to the cabins from Caritas, because John kept talking about going back to Meerkat and frell it, they're going back to Meerkat. She's okay enough to get them back to the cabin without a problem, but four drinks mean she still doesn't realize she's got an umbrella in her hair. That'll suck when she wakes up tomorrow with it stabbing her in the ear.

And for the record, she doesn't shove John out of bed. Even if it does seem a little small for all the space he insists on taking up.
Aeryn starts to go to 238, like she would on a normal day. She even makes it there for a little while. But after not having a voice and finding out a possible explanation of why, getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to communicate, getting her ass kicked by Callisto, and having her date plans with John fall through, Aeryn's not in the best of moods.

And then she finds out the frelling toaster is on the loose, she decides she's going back to her room. She's glad to have everyone shut up, is disturbed to find out how quiet this place really is without voices, and that's her last straw. She goes back to 209 and falls asleep there. Kind of. But not really. With her door locked.
In the last few days, Aeryn's fought with one friend, maybe past the point of being fixable, been attacked by another, figured out another had a crush on her, and then decided another probably isn't going to want much to do with her unless she fixes the first thing, which she isn't sure she wants to do.

Long after Molly leaves 209, Aeryn heads down the hall, opening the door with her key. Careful not to wake John, she closes the door and crosses the room to crawl into bed next to him. Not that she can manage to do anything right there, either, this week. Whatever, she's not leaving.

It really was a lot less complicated back when all her friends did was help her get sentenced to death.
The week? Still not canceled. And as things just keep getting more and more uncomfortable, she's holing up in 209, which she really hasn't done since coming back to the dorms. Not that there's anything to do there, though there's no one around at the moment who will ask why she's just staring at the wall.

[Door's not open, but it is knockable.]
Aeryn's been bad at sleeping tonight. She's actually had a lot of good conversations lately (and some weird ones, and leaves, yes), but she's also been really honest and that way leads to thinking.

She gets out of bed, gets her phone, and makes a quick call before trying to get to sleep. Or back to sleep. Whatever.

She is completely oblivious to any pranks that will get certain boys' asses kicked.

[I have no idea what my alcove is. Fellow Meerkats?]
Aeryn has decided she's fine with her current schedule of hitting things, shooting things (or not, and heading home. That will probably change next week, but right now, she's good with it. It's much easier than say, shopping.

Okay, there's also laundry, but that had to be done. She barely even notices anymore if some of John's shirts end up in with hers, and puts them away like normal. If she thinks about it, she could very well freak out, so no thinking. She's done with the the weirdness for now. So she finishes putting everything away, closing the closet door and for some reason opens the door to the room.
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If she's being completely honest, Aeryn would much rather stay in 238 instead of 209. Yes, 209 is hers. It still doesn't feel like hers. Angel and Sean might be gone, but John's still here. That's more than enough. She kisses his shoulder and stretches, testing her knee. It isn't a problem at all now, though she couldn't have expected John to do anything but worry. In a weird way, she appreciates that he does, frustrating or not.

However, she's still planning on the gym. She's already agreed to spar with Alec (almost-dating a doppleganger means that Aeryn doesn't make any assumptions about why he looks like Dean) and Max sometime, and said she would help Molly, and she still would like to get some time in there with Isabel. She finds interesting people down there. Jamie definitely fits into that category, as does Buffy who wants her to join cheerleading. Weird girl. And she just likes Peter, that's all there is to it.

She doesn't want to wake John, so she uncurls away from him slowly and sits up. Even if she really is comfortable in this bed.
It probably shouldn't come as a surprise to Aeryn that as soon as things seem to be okay with John, things get weird between them again. But it does. Maybe if she hadn't just gotten her key back it wouldn't matter as much.

She's had the distraction of talking with Molly, at least, trying to figure out exactly what is going on with Cameron. Or whoever's posing as him, anyway. Because he would never pass over a book on planes in favor of history.

There's nothing she can do about that until tomorrow, and so Aeryn is realizing that she hasn't spent a lot of time without John lately, which is probably her getting caught up in things again. And yes, finding out the other her that she's been comparing herself to since fall died is bound to bring up issues when you were supposed to have been executed months ago.

Aeryn makes a good attempt at ignoring it, and a bad attempt at a good night's sleep.
After talking with Isabel in the gym, Aeryn heads back up to her room. She's been given something to think about, even though she doesn't even know how to broach the topic with John at the moment. Which is fine as he's currently in detention anyway. Besides, they have to see Zhaan first, and that's going to take a bit of preparation as it is. She just isn't sure how much John will want to reveal and how much she'll have to say for him and how much trouble she'll get into about that. She's just had to learn how to be much more careful, that's all. It's a skill she should have had before.

She closes her door.

[Knocking is perfectly acceptable.]
Aeryn spent a lot of time telling John last night about dealing with problems, doing something about it instead of just thinking and not saying anything. Which is why she calls Molly.

The door's cracked open so Molly can just come inside.
After getting back from Baltimore, Aeryn kind of doesn't hate everything. It surprises her, too. But she actually talked to people, so doesn't feel bad about closing herself off in her room instead of heading to the common room- not that she would anyway. She still has catchup work to do, anyway.

About ten minutes after starting on it, though, she stands up from her chair and retrieves her bag from the closet. She doesn't ignore everything inside, but doesn't pay too much attention on purpose, instead focusing on the polar bear pictures O'Neill drew their first week here. Just to see if they're accurate. Of course, they aren't. And if she's taking those out, she might as well take Rory's drawing out, too, and if she's doing that, she might as well find the pictures Rory sent her from Professor Skeeter's class. And if they're already out...

They don't go on the wall, but they do end up on the desk to distract her.

[As always, door's closed but knockable, should you be so inclined.]


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