Aeryn's learned one really important lesson in the last year or so, namely that there is a big difference between random emo and dealing with the fallout of being under a lot of stress. And despite yesterday's talk, she's okay with taking some extra time to do her usual run around the preserve a second time. She'd had a lot of energy she just needed to burn off.

So she's in a better mood when she comes back to the room, though she's not sure how long that will last, if today's anything like yesterday.

[For John.]
Aeryn gets back from her run, closing the door behind her. One one hand, it's really nice not to have to tote the egg baby around with her for things like that. On the other hand, she's wondering how D'Anna's treating Egg and almost kind of looking forward to getting him back. Well, she would be if it really occurred to her that she was. But she is.
Aeryn got very little sleep last night. And ordinarily she'd go out for a run or something, but she gets the feeling not being there when John wakes up might make things worse and give her another thing to explain. So there are pancakes being made, because mixes are easy and yet it's something to do, both at the same time.
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[Takes place during this.]

There are things Aeryn can't process right now, such as everything Xhalax has said so far. Aeryn knows how to detach herself, though. All she has to know is that there won't be a change of heart at the last microt, and if she wants to live, it's up to her. And she recognizes two mistakes Xhalax made. The first was underestimating her survival instinct. The second was assuming that just because she had been walking around town without a pulse weapon, it didn't mean she was stupid enough to go unarmed.

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[Again, NFB due to distance la.]
Aeryn wakes up abruptly, so the first thing she notices is that her hands are bound together in front of her. She's sitting in a seat rather than laying on the floor somewhere, and looks at her wrists, hating that she's worn these kinds of bindings before for pretty much this same reason. She looks around, recognizing the Peacekeeper Marauder from the inside, and when she glances out the window, it's pretty clear she's not on Earth anymore. Really, she can't imagine how any of this would feel familiar to her.

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[NFB due to distance. Also, spoilers for the Farscape ep "Relativity" lie within. New watchers beware. Or something.]
When Aeryn's morning is more traumatic than Ethics class? That's a problem.

Seeing her mother after roughly thirteen cycles is strange. Having a gun held up to her and having her boyfriend manhandled by aliens that- oddly enough- she doesn't think belong here disturbs her. The part that really scares her is that she doubts Xhalax got back in her ship and went away to apologize for not bringing Aeryn in.

Aeryn closes the door, locks it without thinking, and takes a seat on the bed as she goes over her options.

[Open. Just know that Aeryn might not be all that forthcoming about what happened today. *pats her*]
Aeryn's seen pictures of sharks before. Looking at the tank, and all the things in it, up to and including said shark is a little bit confusing.

"I think they lied to you at the store," Aeryn says.


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