Aeryn's still not entirely used to the idea of a vacation. Even when they went to LA, there were things to see and people to socialize with, so this whole thing where she can just stay in bed a little longer in a room that probably doesn't need to be quite this air conditioned- like so- is kind of neat.

And the bonus is that she's not even thinking of where they're heading after this at the moment. Maybe John has good ideas every now and then.

[NFB for distance, yadda yadda.]
Aeryn hasn't really slept. Mostly she's been trying to sleep and failing because the thoughts won't stop. Not for the first time, she realizes how much easier this was when she didn't have to think for herself.

She finally gave up and got out of bed, and is now sitting on the floor near the door, back against the wall, distractedly plying with a thread on the knee of her sleep pants.
One of the good things about smushing two people together in an alcove-sized bed is that Aeryn can't be accused of stealing the covers. When she wakes up, she realizes she's trying to do just that... and tugs on them a little more just to see if John's up and what his reaction would be.

[For John]
After coming back from Rory's room last night, Aeryn stayed in 238, where John convinced her they HAD to watch TV and stay up. They both fell asleep pretty much immediately.

So when Aeryn wakes up, she's her normal size and age, the TV is on, and she's still on the couch. And dammit, she needs to stop being wee.
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Aeryn knows the gym's not happening today, but she still wakes up out of habit. John's still asleep and she doesn't want to just lay there until he does, so she gets up with the intention of making coffee. Really, it's just something to do.
Aeryn actually had a good weekend. Prom had been good. Even being found by a son from another reality hadn't been so bad. Umberta could go, but she liked D'Argo. She liked having him in Revolutions and watching him know what to do in a Prowler and she'd had fun kind of showing him off to people. And knowing that she'd lucked out and/or raised her child right.

And then of course her birthday had kind of gone off course when they had to take him back to the vortex and watch him go. She misses that boy so much and she won't admit that it hurts, or how badly. She never really wanted children, and had convinced herself that she and John wouldn't be genetically compatible, being different species. Yeah, that's apparently wrong.

She shouldn't be this emo. Regardless, she's perfectly content to just not get out of bed for a while. Shut up.
Aeryn's a little fuzzy on last night, except for that part where she feels terrible. Her head is pounding, and with a groan, she pulls a pillow over her head and hopes it's not really Tuesday and she doesn't have class this morning.
John wakes up. )

[Preplayed with [ profile] whitedeathpod. No interaction possible, OOC comments welcome.
Also to note: John doesn't look any different. Despite the icon, he's not actually in some freaky leather suit. People would have questions for him if he was, such as "Wtf's with the suit and face?"]
Aeryn's not doing a lot of sleeping right now, mostly because she's watching John like something's going to happen. She's dealt with all of this before and hadn't expected to have to do it again, and she really can't imagine being him and having someone talking in your brain all the time.

She's on her side, head propped up on her elbow, unabashedly watching to make sure he's okay.
It's still early and Aeryn's just waking up, quickly discovering that the arm that's above the blanket's gotten pretty cold. She pulls it under the covers, wrapping it around John in order to warm it up faster.
Aeryn's up early- big shock- but for some reason today she can only lay there so long. There are days when even she feels more active than others. So she gets up, going to feed the sea monkeys, the shark, and the as-yet-unnamed fish. One day she'll come up with a name for it, seriously.
Aeryn would normally be up by now, already dealing with breakfast or the like. She's awake, but for some reason today she's content to stay right where she is, at least for a little while longer. She blames the warm bed and still adjusting back from Bettina's weird schedule this weekend.
After yesterday's talk with Vader, Aeryn pretty much went into quiet avoidy mode. It wasn't even that the talk had gone badly; in fact he'd only yelled once. But still, hearing those words out of Anakin's mouth was disconcerting, at best.

Which is today's excuse for why she didn't really sleep, and why she's finally starting to get out of bed. Hey, if she's going to be awake, might as well put that to use for something like breakfast.
Aeryn has been managing to get some sleep, but for the most part she's still in thinking mode. Which she knows is a good thing. It sucks, but it's a good thing overall, anyway. So if she happens to be clinging a little tightly in the morning, it just means shed's a little elsewhere. On the plus side, she's still in the room.
Aeryn kind of kept expecting a call back from Luke, and when she didn't get one, she started to worry a little. She made it a point to get up early specifically to hear the radio, and mentions of clinic visits don't make her feel that happy. She gets dressed, then before leaving, thinks to grab her phone and make a quick call to Peter before starting for the door.
Between all that's been going on with John and trying to talk to people and seeing Angel again, it's been easy for Aeryn to forget about the smaller of her own issues. She's only awake for a few moments, though, before remembering it's Thursday, and that she managed to freak herself out good at that last Ethics class, and she's not looking forward to going there today. She looks at the clock, realizes she still has plenty of time- whether it's a good or a bad thing she doesn't know- and stays right where she is for the time being.
Aeryn hasn't moved much during the night, though most of that would be because she didn't get a ton of sleep. Warnings about nightmares had kept her watching John for quite a while, in case she had to wake him.

When she does wake up, she turns a little to look at the clock and figures there's still time before class, if John's planning on going. She debates doing something productive, like making breakfast, but instead stays where she is, keeping her arm tightly around John.
Aeryn got very little sleep last night. And ordinarily she'd go out for a run or something, but she gets the feeling not being there when John wakes up might make things worse and give her another thing to explain. So there are pancakes being made, because mixes are easy and yet it's something to do, both at the same time.
Aeryn wakes up kind of slowly, and a little later than usual. About two seconds later, she realizes today means stress and Ethics, and she curls a little closer to John and doesn't get out of bed yet. In fact, she tries a better tactic of getting him to actually wake up sooner, and tries kissing him awake.
Sometime after waking up in the middle of the night with a sore neck thanks to sleeping sitting up, Aeryn was able to change position really really carefully, laying down on the sofa next to John. Her neck is much less sore, and this is a lot more comfortable, even if she's only half awake to realize it.


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