Aeryn was trying to get some work done today, but she was getting a little distracted. It seemed like every time she looked anywhere, she was finding random pieces of glitter. When she'd had the party class weeks ago. And hadn't been stupid enough to bring the glitter into her office.

She new that stuff was evil, and kept trying to get rid of the little pieces, which only meant they got stuck to her hands. Had anyone ever questioned whether glitter was some form of parasitic leech?

[Open, though usual warning for SP applies.]
Aeryn hadn't had great experiences with Parents Weekends in the past, but it was interesting seeing it from a different perspective. And without drama. That would be really new.

Her door was open and she was doing work, mostly to look busy in case anyone came by wanting to to talk about their family members/friends. Or, you know, is any parents were wondering what the frell her class title meant.

[Open yes omg.]
This week there was a little issue that came with only really being in her office once a week, and that was that so far Aeryn was spending her office hours looking around for items that seemed to have gone missing.

And if she ran into any little blue things stealing her things (hypothetically) they would have to die, so it was probably for the best that she didn't notice them.

The door was open anyway.
Aeryn was discovering that after spending a year and a half at a job she hated, getting up early to come in even when you didn't have to for a job you liked was kind of nice. Especially when the alternative was trying to plan class from home while chasing after a tiny child who insisted on walking now.

She'd stopped at the Perk on her way for coffee, and was now ignoring it in favor of her laptop as she did research for class. It paid to actually know what she was talking about.

[Open door, yadda yadda.]
It was completely beyond Aeryn that she had an office. On some level it still felt like someone had made an error, and she wasn't actually supposed to be here, and she was expecting the office to realize their mistake at any moment.

Then she remembered everything she'd ever heard about the office and figured that a paperwork error would never actually be found or dealt with anyway. Let's be serious.

She was in here today, trying to make herself available in case she was needed, and setting up her office. A couple of photos of John and Talyn went on the desk... Okay, done. That was quick.

[Open, with usual SP warning.]


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