Aeryn's tired of being cooped up in the cabin today, so as soon as the sun's going down, she heads outside for a while. She's got a bottle of water with her, mostly because it will probably keep John from asking her if she needs any, and puts it down as she takes a seat on the front step, just taking advantage of being out here while she can.

Aeryn shouldn't have stayed at the film festival nearly as long as she did. She can blame distraction if she wants. She's not too bad off, but takes a long, cool shower as soon as she gets back to the cabin, then closing herself off in her alcove where it's nice and air conditioned.

Stupid planet.
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It's just about that temperature that Aeryn needs to stay indoors. It's probably not bad enough that she'll get cranky, twitchy and die, but as it is she's irritated that she has to stay indoors at all, especially when she has energy to burn off. So she's sitting on the living room couch, nursing a water bottle and glaring at the window like that's going to change the weather.

[Omg, play with me or I'm gonna have to play more Tetris. I can't lose my day to Tetris, people. I don't have the brain cells today.]
Aeryn has a headache. This might have to do with being out way too late staring at the sparkly cabin with Mel. She couldn't even be out late for a good reason. It had just been impossible to look away.

So she's not in the best mood today. And she's trying to go over the binder, but is having trouble concentrating on the words. Which is why she got out the laptop to just start looking at sites and wondering why this one has three pages of napkins.

There is always Elvis, really.

[Please bother her.]
When Aeryn gets back to the alcove after saying goodbye to Parker, the first thing she sees is the binder Isabel gave her yesterday. Which is of course not at all because she spent a very good part of yesterday ignoring it, then picking it up to look through it, then ignoring it, then deciding she should at least get an idea from it, ad nauseum.

"Maybe we should figure out when to do this," she says.
One of the good things about smushing two people together in an alcove-sized bed is that Aeryn can't be accused of stealing the covers. When she wakes up, she realizes she's trying to do just that... and tugs on them a little more just to see if John's up and what his reaction would be.

[For John]
John and Aeryn didn't get to the cabins till late, thanks to trying to decide whether or not they could handle bringing three tanks to the dorms with them. In the end, they decided to bring Bertram and make sure to visit the water creatures.

At the door, though, they're stopped by a "Why? Why do you have to be in my cabin?"

Aeryn sighs as she turns to look at Jaye. "All the seniors are in one cabin."

"That doesn't change my question," says Jaye.

"I could ask the same of you."

"But I asked first. I have dibs!"

Aeryn rolls her eyes at her. "You're so mature."

"You bring out the best in me," says Jaye.

"Oh, I don't think you can blame your personality on me," says Aeryn as John opens the door to the cabin, totally laughing at them.

"I will glue you to your pants."

"I will smother you in your sleep."

They should probably just stay far away from each other in the cabin, huh.

[Establishy. John modded with permission.]


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