Once the wedding was over, the Sun-Crichton party was ushered back indoors to the reception inside the Charles Hotel. The room was done up very nicely in red and black (for no reason, really), lit with candles and Christmas lights, several large tables set up around the room in front of the very long head table.

The hotel workers were busy getting food ready, and the doors were open, allowing the wedding party and guests to take their seats and enjoy the party.
Friday was busier than Aeryn had anticipated somehow, with people coming in from out of town, followed by the rehearsal at the hotel where the ceremony and reception would take place. And personally, she had no idea how anyone remembered how all of this sort of thing went, and she thought it was kind of stupid how much emphasis was put on something as simple as walking, but she'd go with it, as apparently these things were important. Or something.

Afterwards, the group made their way to a pizza place nearby to settle in and settle down and have one good night out before tomorrow got more stressful.

[Up early for SP. For bridal party, dates, and other guests to the Friday thingie yay!
ETA: For clarification, cuz a couple people have asked. If you were told you were welcome to the dinner, you were invited. Otherwise the wedding stuff takes place tomorrow.]
After workshops, the girls head to meet Sam at the bridal shop in Alexandria to do a little thing called dress shopping. Aeryn would call it "getting it over with", which is why we're not asking her.

She's also trying not to make it look too obvious that she's not exactly in her element here. She's being really careful with how she says words in front of the workers who might not be used to how she sometimes mispronounces things, for one. And she actually takes the time to sign up for the mailing list- not that she knows what one is- because it means stalling in getting to the dresses.

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For the first time in her life, Aeryn is working on a letter. She left the door open because Bertram kept trying to wander in and out, but she's not paying attention to anything going on outside. She's not even entirely sure what's supposed to go in a letter. The Peacekeepers weren't exactly big on correspondence. In the end, after several badly-written drafts, Aeryn ended up with something that read:

dear alanna )

She's just a wordsmith, huh? And then she gets to work on an E-mail, but soon figures out that she's used up all her words, and makes a phone call. Much easier.

Just then, a shot from a pulse rifle rang through the crowd, and a team of Peacekeeper soldiers formed a wall in front of them, trying to block one avenue of escape. People began to scatter for cover, or in some cases, for their own weapons.

cut for length. again )

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From a distance, the commerce planet just looked like any other ordinary world. It wasn't until anyone got closer that they would notice just how busy it was. It didn't look too out of the ordinary, just a marketplace, except it was bigger than any old marketplace.

There were outdoor and indoor areas, lined with carts and shops, people shopping and selling and sometimes stealing. The people didn't look human, either, ranging widely in size and species, and a good deal of them weren't even bothering to hide the weapons they were carrying.

Anyone walking in from the landing area would suddenly be right in the middle of it.

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Aeryn's had a pretty busy weekend so far.

cut for linkdrop )

And of course John was still John, and while she was completely confused as to how last night turned out the way it did, it apparently was the night for it. So Aeryn stole one of his crutches- he clearly doesn't need them- and has it propped up against the open doorframe, just in case he walks by. And she's looking through pictures.

[Door's open.]
Aeryn almost automatically goes to 238 instead of her own room. She could, but that just feels a little weird right now, so after that little pause at the door, she continues on like she never thought of it.

She spent most of her morning in the gym, meeting some of the new people. She's not sure about Buffy, though that might be due to either the name association or the fact that she asked Aeryn about cheerleading tryouts, but Dean seems all right. And while she's pretty used to English Peter now, it's still good to see someone familiar.

She's done being social for now. She closes the door so she can call Callisto. And debate something like a dartboard, because she still kind of randomly wants to hit things.

[Door's closed but I am open for people. Just not in a CR today, zomg.]
Aeryn comes back to her room after Sociology, stopping when she sees something small, thin and red standing up in front of her door.

She attempts to kick it out of her way when she tries to get into her room, but next thing she knows it's drawing a big red C on her arm.

Remembering the announcements, she asks, "What are you grading me on, exactly?"

It twitches a little.

"If you don't know, I'd say I deserve at least a B," she says.

The crayon twitches against her hand, and puts a - next to the C.

"No," Aeryn tells it.

The crayon actually bounces. Another bouncer. Great.

Aeryn glares.

The crayon stops bouncing. After a moment under Aeryn's glare, the crayon puts another mark on Aeryn's arm to read C+.

"Frell you," Aeryn says.

The crayon... looks a little offended. And scratches out the C to write B. The plus is still next to it.

"Was that really so difficult?" asks Aeryn.

The crayon goes about its merry way, as sentient crayons do, and Aeryn locks the door to her room once she's inside. Stupid planet and its stupid crayons.

[I'm home for the afternoon. Entertain me.

ETA: Dear self: saying Sam stopped by is cool. Conversation? NFB. Kthnx.]
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Aeryn has had better days. She's leaving, like it or not. And while she avoided it last night... It would be safe to say John didn't take it so well. Her last class also managed to kill her just a little bit. And now it's time for the other stuff.

She's spent at least a couple months now living in two rooms without living in either of them, and that makes it difficult to do things like pack. Especially when she's collected a lot of things and can't bring most of them with her.

And what she can't bring, she'll move into 238. She'll get the locker John got her into the room, stuff her things into there. He can do whatever he wants with it. Keep it, burn it, forget about it... It's not really hers anymore anyway.

Throughout the afternoon she can be seen going back and forth between the two rooms, so the doors are open.

[OOC: Yes, I am putting up OCD threads for each room, cuz there are a lotta people who might be in one room and not the other. Shut up. Come say bye to Aeryn.]
Aeryn has been spending a lot of time at the gym this week, which isn't out of the ordinary, but she doesn't like the reasoning behind it. She doesn't want to be frustrated, but Crichton frelling brings it out of her. Yesterday resulted in bruised and scraped knuckles, so today she's wearing gloves as she beats on the punching bag.

He wants to help? Fine. Except he's not frelling helping.

(OOC: Feel free to antagonize/cheer her up. Either one might make her feel better and if she gets any more emo on me, I swear to god she's ending up strapped to something at the bottom of a large body of water.)


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