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After a trip into town and then some time spent shooting things because she can, Aeryn decides she might as well do some other things she's been putting off, and checks to see if her E-mail access had been restored. Not that she likes E-mail anyway, or figured anyone would be sending her anything.

Half and hour and about forty spam messages later (and don't think that has improved her opinion of the human race at all), she's back in 209, wondering if she should even attempt this party thing. On one hand, she's glad Angel is all right and she wouldn't expect any conversation there to be about her. These are both good things. On the other hand... The words "too much too soon" spring to mind.

She'll worry about it later. For now she's taking a break from the makeup work to finish the other book Anders gave her before she left. And sometimes taking a break from that to wonder if the sea monkeys have been fed this week.

[Which is totally code for I haven't played in a whole DAY and my girl is still being antisocial. Door's closed but I welcome knocks. *nodding*]
After last night, Aeryn hasn't really felt like being around people. Okay, maybe she'd needed a little breakdown. That wasn't the way she would have preferred to have done it. She'd rather forget it happened, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

There's something on the wall opposite her bed now, even if she does keep looking up at it while struggling through makeup work, wondering if she should be homesick or not.
People have been accommodating enough, but settling in again is more strange than difficult. It's easy enough to go to the classes and get things done to get caught up, but reacting to other people isn't exactly something she knows how to do yet. She isn't sure why she was as honest with Rory as she was, and wonders if oversharing isn't why she can't even tell Cameron what's going on. Not that she wants to admit what's going on anymore than she has to.

Even to herself, which is why she keeps staring at the paper trying to write her ACJ essay.

[Door's closed, but I can't stop anyone from knocking.]

[ETA: John conversation is so NFB.]
Aeryn wakes up on the couch in John's room, which is strange on many, many levels. There's an odd feel to it, made worse by the fact that only two weeks ago she almost considered this place hers, and now it's the least welcoming place ever. She's even in her old clothes, which don't even feel right now.

Not that she got much sleep anyway. She should have, as she's exhausted, but she's too busy thinking of things that are not John, like where she's going to go now and how she's going to get anywhere when she depleted her fuel supply with this little side trip that shouldn't have been a side trip. Plus there's the fact that the person she's not thinking about is in the same room and doesn't actually want her there. Fine then. He won't miss her.

She winces as she sits up, looks over at the locker that used to be hers, and debates throwing half the contents of her bag in there with the rest of it. Take what she'll actually need and forget what she doesn't. For some reason, she doesn't do it.

Instead she gets up with the intent of taking over the shower, because she doesn't know when she'll actually be anywhere to do that again for a while. She stops by the sea monkeys on her way into the bathroom, though, just to make sure they're doing all right. And yes, she says hello to them by name. She might not know who's who, but she at least knows that.

[ETA: Hmmm. *looks at radio* *locks post to John if he's around*

ETA 2: Topic of conversation is so NFB, yo.]
Aeryn is pretty sure sea monkeys don't bang their heads into glass, but she feels she should probably check. Just in case.

When she opens the door to the room, she's not expecting dinner on the table. Or Christmas lights around the room. Or candles, or music, or pretty much anything here. Someone went all out, and John's not here yet.

The first thing Aeryn does is check the sea monkeys to make sure they still have their tails. The second thing she does is check for any stick figure booklets, just in case.

[Locked to John!]
Aeryn doesn't really need to check up on the sea monkeys. She was just over yesterday, though she hadn't really been too concerned with them, to be honest. Bad pet owner. Really, she's just taking advantage of the opportunity to use her key, since she feels comfortable enough to use it again.

She watches them swimming around in their tank for a little while. They've gotten really active, and grown a lot. More than a lot, really. Aeryn doesn't know a ton about sea primates, but she's pretty sure that's not normal. Then she notices the food floating at the top of the water, when she just fed them a couple of days ago. And the little food canister is a little light.

"He tries," Aeryn assures them, and then realizes she's talking to sea monkeys.

((Because they're apparently getting fed every day, oh noes!))
Yesterday Aeryn had thought about feeding the sea monkeys, but the conversation hadn't really left an opening for that. But she wasn't about to let her pets suffer because she was having problems, so Aeryn made a phone call, then waited a minute. Because this was fine and there was no reason to feel uncomfortable. She was just feeding the sea monkeys, and there hadn't been a breakup. Simple.

After another minute, Aeryn went next door, stopping in the doorway. "Hi."
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After Flight Club, Aeryn returns to her room, obstensibly just to check up on the sea monkeys. She's decided that they can't be actual monkeys because they in no way resemble primates on this planet, and whoever named this species was clearly very stupid.

For some reason, she decides to stay in for a while, pulling out the book John gave her. It's got to be due soon, and it's a huge book, and she's a slow reader. She's determined to get through it, though. Even if she has to bribe the library staff to let her keep it for a while.
This morning's early gift-receiving had left Aeryn with a little issue. In the form of sea monkeys.

They were in their little container thing, and they had water, and now she was trying to figure out what the frell to do with them.

((If you have advice, please give it. Mun knows as much about sea monkeys as Aeryn does.))


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