Five years ago, Aeryn had been a Peacekeeper soldier on Earth temporarily, at a school where she couldn't read anything and understood almost nothing anyone was saying.

Today, she had been graduated for three years, lived here long enough to at least fake that she belonged here, and was watching a two-year-old fling his food to the floor because he didn't like it.

"We're going to have to have this talk again, aren't we?" Aeryn sighed, not sure if she should be mad at this point or just resigned to the fact that daily mopping of food from the floor had become a part of life.

Talyn shook his head, and asked hopefully, "Cookie?"

There was another sigh, and Aeryn decided she was going with resigned.

[Look, it's the anniversary, of course I'm spamming the flist with my characters. Open for the boy or calls or whatever.]
There were a lot of times, especially over the last year, where the tiniest part of Aeryn might have wished she could have been human. Well, frell that, Peacekeeper pregnancies were blissfully short. She was engineered for battle, which didn't exactly lend itself to nine months of waiting, even if the labor had seemed that long. And involved many, many, many creative threats. And maybe some hitting.

For now, though, she was still in the medical facility they'd found, half-curled around the tiny sleeping newborn that she currently thought was the most perfect thing ever.

[For the babydaddy, and bless you canon. YAY BABY.]


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