Despite yesterday, Aeryn's still playing a little avoidant without really knowing why. She's still sticking to 209, keeping to long walks or just not dealing with people. She's not used to having to explain why she does things, but knows certain people (John) have come to expect answers. This kind of thing? Much easier in the Peacekeepers. All she had to do was go off by herself and everything was fine and she didn't have to explain anything.

Also, emo is stupid and she wants no part of it, and yet here she is and she has no idea why. It's frustrating. And she's starting to memorize the star charts on her wall.

[If you can get her out of this mood, feel free to come by before I kill her.]
Aeryn's had a pretty busy weekend so far.

cut for linkdrop )

And of course John was still John, and while she was completely confused as to how last night turned out the way it did, it apparently was the night for it. So Aeryn stole one of his crutches- he clearly doesn't need them- and has it propped up against the open doorframe, just in case he walks by. And she's looking through pictures.

[Door's open.]
After Tactics of War the other day and now Advanced Criminal Justice, Aeryn's wondering if maybe she shouldn't have just forgotten about school and stayed in town. Seems to be safer for her sanity that way.

She's turned the desk chair around so she can put her feet up on the end of the bed and pretend to do homework when she's really looking out the window and frelling figuring out how to deal with this one. Especially since there's nothing really to be done about this little issue.

[Okay to say John was here, but conversation itself if NFB.]
Aeryn spent a lot of time telling John last night about dealing with problems, doing something about it instead of just thinking and not saying anything. Which is why she calls Molly.

The door's cracked open so Molly can just come inside.
Aeryn comes back to her room after the animal balancing figuring that overall, things could be worse. A lot worse.

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People have been accommodating enough, but settling in again is more strange than difficult. It's easy enough to go to the classes and get things done to get caught up, but reacting to other people isn't exactly something she knows how to do yet. She isn't sure why she was as honest with Rory as she was, and wonders if oversharing isn't why she can't even tell Cameron what's going on. Not that she wants to admit what's going on anymore than she has to.

Even to herself, which is why she keeps staring at the paper trying to write her ACJ essay.

[Door's closed, but I can't stop anyone from knocking.]

[ETA: John conversation is so NFB.]
So far today Aeryn's fought with John, reenrolled in school and gotten the Prowler taken care of. And there's the new room. Hm.

She unlocks the door for the first time, drops her bag onto the bed, and pulls out some of the clothes she had in there, avoiding some of the other objects. She's going to forget what a polar bear even is right now. Then she knocks the bag to the floor, and tah dah. She's unpacked. Welcome home.

[If you really need to talk to my girl, here she is. If you're going to purposely antagonize HER, OMG *g*, I beg you please please please please don't.

ETA: Hey self, don't report the actual conversations. They're NFB. *nods*]
Aeryn wakes up on the couch in John's room, which is strange on many, many levels. There's an odd feel to it, made worse by the fact that only two weeks ago she almost considered this place hers, and now it's the least welcoming place ever. She's even in her old clothes, which don't even feel right now.

Not that she got much sleep anyway. She should have, as she's exhausted, but she's too busy thinking of things that are not John, like where she's going to go now and how she's going to get anywhere when she depleted her fuel supply with this little side trip that shouldn't have been a side trip. Plus there's the fact that the person she's not thinking about is in the same room and doesn't actually want her there. Fine then. He won't miss her.

She winces as she sits up, looks over at the locker that used to be hers, and debates throwing half the contents of her bag in there with the rest of it. Take what she'll actually need and forget what she doesn't. For some reason, she doesn't do it.

Instead she gets up with the intent of taking over the shower, because she doesn't know when she'll actually be anywhere to do that again for a while. She stops by the sea monkeys on her way into the bathroom, though, just to make sure they're doing all right. And yes, she says hello to them by name. She might not know who's who, but she at least knows that.

[ETA: Hmmm. *looks at radio* *locks post to John if he's around*

ETA 2: Topic of conversation is so NFB, yo.]


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