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My net exploded. AGAIN. I managed to deal with annoying-but-whatever access all weekend, but it just went out. Completely. I'm using a hijacked connection which isn't the best to get on, and am on the phone with Charter AGAIN. This morning it was 40 minutes holding, I called and spent 45 minutes on hold, called again and it was 30, only for them to disconnect me mid-rant. I might end up going to their offices tomorrow with a big stick.

So if I can't answer pings, that's why. Pages are loading slowly or not at all, or Gmail's not loading so I don't know where the pings are. I'm getting to things as fast as I can, but bear with me and hope I don't end up sitting in a corner eating my hair.
My apologies to anyone who pinged Captain Liberty in class or is working with any of my girls. I didn't realize the "We're just going to have you come in to do some copying and picking up some rentals" portion of my PA job today was actually code for having to be away for twelve hours, seven of which were spent in my car. I'm only on for a little while tonight, unfortunately, cuz tomorrow's another day.

Tomorrow I doubt you'll see me online at all, except maybe when I'm catching up on pings at omgearly o'clock and to tag into classes. (Can someone cover links? *big doe eyes*) And the job did get extended to Thursday, which again is supposedly only to return a few rentals, but they're trying to get me to stay all day to get paid for it so who knows how long I'll actually be gone.

Collapsey bye bye now.
Numfar! Do the dance of wacky availability!

December continues its trend of stressing me out and this time it involves travel. Today I'm running around like a madwoman (shhh). Tomorrow I'll be running around like a madwoman with the added fun of having company over, and I'm pretty sure I'll be online very little, if at all tomorrow evening. However, considering I have to leave for the airport at freaking 4:00 in the morning, I'll probably be on all night as sleeping may be pointless. Not sure about the rest of the weekend yet, but assume I won't be around much and things will have to be SP'ed like woah.

And for the next two and a half weeks I will be staying at my parents' house. Which means I will be online during the day, but the tradeoff is that as people throw last-minute RL plans at me, I may have to disappear suddenly. I always give as much warning as possible, though, and again, SP is love.

*goes off to go crazier now, la*
So yeah, if you saw in [ profile] whitedeathpod's post for me, my ISP cracked and died, or something. Hopes that it would be back when I got off of work also cracked and died. Or something.

As it stands now, someone is supposed to be out on SATURDAY. Hopefully the problem will be fixed before then, but if not, that means I'm going to be totally unavailable except for 6:30-10 pm EST when the coffee shop closes. If anyone's still around by then to play in classes, I'm open. Otherwise expect my girls to be quiet there.

So it's summer in the South and this means I have to play something out with my girl, and since this will affect how she interacts with people for the moment, you might need to know.

If you're not familiar with Farscape canon, Aeryn's not human. There aren't a ton of species differences, but the big one is that Sebaceans don't have the gland that regulates heat. This means when it gets too hot, they essentially go into a twitching coma death called heat delirium. Right now Aeryn has no idea everyone else won't get this way. (Braca doesn't count and please don't mention him to her.) I've been checking pretty much every day and it looks like this weekend will be when she finally figures it out.

Things like air conditioning mean that she's not going to get too bad. For the most part, people will just see her being irritable and a little sweaty. Aeryn's probably not going to be that forthcoming, either, so while she probably has nothing against your character, know that having your character talk to her in the next couple days will probably get them snapped at without explanation. Maybe a lot. Also, this is pretty much going to keep up as long as it's warm. I'll keep her indoors most of the time, but know that this is something you might run into in dealing with her.

So. Just FYI. =)
So I'm headed to Vegas for the weekend with some friends. I'll be around tomorrow morning and maybe at lunch to post to classes and stuff, and then am leaving right after work. Aeryn's headed out of town and she's not telling you where she's going omg, Jaye's going home for the weekend, and Quinn is wherever Quinn goes. I probably won't have access/time once I get there, but I'll be back Sunday night and all back to normal.

*prepares for withdrawal*
Typing this up mostly for newbies or people who aren't too scared to deal with my girl anymore. Just some general info, should you want to interact with Aeryn or should she try to talk you up.

cut for the sakes of those who don't care )

Also, I have to say that I love each and every one of the newbies and all my characters and I have had a blast with you guys so far. =)
I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I got a job for the next three months, and it's excellent money and hey, overtime liek woah. The bad news is I have a job for three months and it's overtime liek woah so I doubt I'll have access during the day. So starting Monday you won't be seeing Aeryn, Jaye or Quinn around likely until 5:30 PST or later. Though they will still be around in the early morning becase I'm addicted like that.

The best news, though, is that there's a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on my way home. *g*
I have more OOC entires lately than IC. This will change. Later.

As of tomorrow I'm going to be a little unpredictable with my timing. Tomorrow I'll be on a plane (looking for snakes and/or Samuel L. Jackson) all afternoon, so unless there's something going on way early, I won't be around at all. Then until the 4th I'm going to be back home, which has its pros and cons. On the plus side, I'll be available during the day. On the minus side, as I only get to see my friends and family once or year or so, if they ask me to go out and do something, I'm going to have to ask to either slow-play a scene or get out of it quick. (And there may be added bonus fun of you saying "Hey, I thought you had to leave" and me answering "Yeah, they were spazzes and we're not going anywhere until 1 am now." It's happened.)

I will be reachable through E-mail and IM, though, so ping me if you need me and I'll be around.

OOC: Glee!

Dec. 4th, 2005 01:53 pm
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Seriously, thank you so much. I'm totally flattered. To everyone I interact with, thank you for being awesome and letting me play off you or snark on you or yell at you or beat you up in the name of staying IC. And now that I'm not eligible anymore, I can totally let my performance go downhill! I have peaked! Elvis has left the building!

To those who didn't vote for me, I hope you've learned your lesson. *g*
Like you all don't know the drill by now. If you want a nice happy winter card (totally non-denominational, and usually with something completely inoffensive like penguins or something), drop a line in the nice happy screened comment post.
While all y'all were stuffing yourselves, I was actually playing. Of course, today's the day I'm expecting to be AFK almost all day, probably returning sometime tonight. Because I have to be a little bit different.

((Btw, today's excursion involves me and The Tick at the San Diego Zoo. Think about that for a minute, then realize that yes, in fact, Fandom High has ruined my life. No one's touching a plotypus here.))
Can one of the bots open up the theater? I can't even log in under that account.

*puts out a hit on LJ*


Sep. 28th, 2005 06:06 am
Due to a so-so Internet connection (God damn you, Charter!!! *shakes fist*) and a little bit of personal craziness, I probably won't be around too much today. Assume Aeryn's either A) Thisclose to shooting herself in the head rather than do more homecoming outfit looking, or 2) still making out with John.

ETA: Also, regarding homecoming? The girl needs SERIOUS help. Feel free to drop in on her if you want to help out or make it worse, omg.


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