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Aeryn spent her weekend in jail after shooting someone who deserved it, worrying about a possibly-suicidal boyfriend, also worrying that she had no way to contact anyone to check up on said boyfriend, and worrying that she or John might actually have had to go back with Scorpius because she has no idea how bad Peacekeeper Command never wants to hear the name John Crichton again. In short, the weekend's kind of sucked.

After being released by (and threatening) Braca, Aeryn heads back to the dorms, and up to 238. She's looking forward to spending some time in a place without bars.
Aeryn had gone to the gym last night just to uncoil a bit. That hadn't exactly happened.

She didn't sleep well, either, which is today's excuse for being up early, still clearing her throat as she lays in bed and being very glad that there's no bruising for John to panic over.

She thought Rory canceled this week, dammit.
After talking with Rory, Aeryn heads outside for a walk, or a run, or something. Or maybe towards the gym. She's headed somewhere, she just doesn't know where yet.
After John's phone call, Aeryn opens the door so he can just come in, and takes a seat again. At the desk. Not that she's expecting anything, but just in case.
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After a trip into town and then some time spent shooting things because she can, Aeryn decides she might as well do some other things she's been putting off, and checks to see if her E-mail access had been restored. Not that she likes E-mail anyway, or figured anyone would be sending her anything.

Half and hour and about forty spam messages later (and don't think that has improved her opinion of the human race at all), she's back in 209, wondering if she should even attempt this party thing. On one hand, she's glad Angel is all right and she wouldn't expect any conversation there to be about her. These are both good things. On the other hand... The words "too much too soon" spring to mind.

She'll worry about it later. For now she's taking a break from the makeup work to finish the other book Anders gave her before she left. And sometimes taking a break from that to wonder if the sea monkeys have been fed this week.

[Which is totally code for I haven't played in a whole DAY and my girl is still being antisocial. Door's closed but I welcome knocks. *nodding*]
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Okay, maybe there are better ways to end a phone call. But all Aeryn needs to hear are the words "Darla" in conjunction with "bad news" and she's leaving 209 to head down the hall and knock on John's door.
People have been accommodating enough, but settling in again is more strange than difficult. It's easy enough to go to the classes and get things done to get caught up, but reacting to other people isn't exactly something she knows how to do yet. She isn't sure why she was as honest with Rory as she was, and wonders if oversharing isn't why she can't even tell Cameron what's going on. Not that she wants to admit what's going on anymore than she has to.

Even to herself, which is why she keeps staring at the paper trying to write her ACJ essay.

[Door's closed, but I can't stop anyone from knocking.]

[ETA: John conversation is so NFB.]
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Aeryn has had better days. She's leaving, like it or not. And while she avoided it last night... It would be safe to say John didn't take it so well. Her last class also managed to kill her just a little bit. And now it's time for the other stuff.

She's spent at least a couple months now living in two rooms without living in either of them, and that makes it difficult to do things like pack. Especially when she's collected a lot of things and can't bring most of them with her.

And what she can't bring, she'll move into 238. She'll get the locker John got her into the room, stuff her things into there. He can do whatever he wants with it. Keep it, burn it, forget about it... It's not really hers anymore anyway.

Throughout the afternoon she can be seen going back and forth between the two rooms, so the doors are open.

[OOC: Yes, I am putting up OCD threads for each room, cuz there are a lotta people who might be in one room and not the other. Shut up. Come say bye to Aeryn.]
Yes, again.

((Feel free to stop in, though she may be a little... yeah.))
Aeryn leaves Flight Club early after John called. She argues with him about leaving even as she does, in fact, leave, wanders back to the second floor, and knocks on his door just to prove a point before opening it herself.

She hangs up.
Aeryn has been spending a lot of time at the gym this week, which isn't out of the ordinary, but she doesn't like the reasoning behind it. She doesn't want to be frustrated, but Crichton frelling brings it out of her. Yesterday resulted in bruised and scraped knuckles, so today she's wearing gloves as she beats on the punching bag.

He wants to help? Fine. Except he's not frelling helping.

(OOC: Feel free to antagonize/cheer her up. Either one might make her feel better and if she gets any more emo on me, I swear to god she's ending up strapped to something at the bottom of a large body of water.)


Sep. 28th, 2005 06:08 pm
Thanks to things that are getting back to her regarding a certain boyfriend, and a certain phone call from that certain boyfriend, Aeryn is not in the best of moods, and there is going to have to be a Talk.


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