Aeryn's a little fuzzy on last night, except for that part where she feels terrible. Her head is pounding, and with a groan, she pulls a pillow over her head and hopes it's not really Tuesday and she doesn't have class this morning.
Aeryn's had a bad week, what with the Vader fight, seeing Luke off, and dealing with John's poor brain. She might still be housing some frustration because when she finally comes back to the room after being out for a while, there's two inches less of her hair, because she had to take it out on something.
Aeryn's almost a little surprised that Valentine's Day went so well. Because, well, last year at this time she was headed back to the Peacekeepers and breaking up with John. This year there are still issues, but after talking to Angel yesterday she feels slightly better about one of them. And seriously, she's never telling John talking made her feel better.

At the moment she's sitting on the couch, bare feet on the table, just looking across the room out the windows. It's too dark to see anything, but still.
It's still early and Aeryn's just waking up, quickly discovering that the arm that's above the blanket's gotten pretty cold. She pulls it under the covers, wrapping it around John in order to warm it up faster.
Aeryn would normally be up by now, already dealing with breakfast or the like. She's awake, but for some reason today she's content to stay right where she is, at least for a little while longer. She blames the warm bed and still adjusting back from Bettina's weird schedule this weekend.
After class, Aeryn brings Egg back to 209. Yeah, she's back here again. Being honest and attempting to talk had worked so well yesterday that she kind of doesn't want to do it again, so she closes the door and sets Egg in his cushioned bowl on the desk.

And it's just kind of there.

Which bothers here after about ten seconds. "Don't look at me like that," she tells him.
Aeryn has been managing to get some sleep, but for the most part she's still in thinking mode. Which she knows is a good thing. It sucks, but it's a good thing overall, anyway. So if she happens to be clinging a little tightly in the morning, it just means shed's a little elsewhere. On the plus side, she's still in the room.
Aeryn gets back to the room after Flight Club, going straight for a bottle of water and the aspirin. She almost trips over Bertram on her way to the kitchen, and he gives her a little warning beep.

"Shh," she says. "No beeping."
Aeryn feels like she hasn't done much today. Peter's still sick so training was called off, and any party that involves a costume that she doesn't somehow feel obligated to go to is one she'll put up a fight about attending, so she's done little thing today. Studying, laundry, washing dishes. And as soon as she's put the last dish away, she decides she's kind of bored with it.
Aeryn comes back from the common room, and she's not emo. Putting that out there now. She's just had two conversations that made her start thinking about things like family, and on top of recent conversations, it's just made her go quiet. See, there's a difference.
Even after pushing the beds together, Aeryn has to remind herself that she doesn't have to keep to one certain area to save space. It's taking some getting used to. She's still trying to get through reading for class, and every once in a while she has to move over just a little towards the center, just because.

[Open! Well, door's closed, but open!]
Sometime after waking up in the middle of the night with a sore neck thanks to sleeping sitting up, Aeryn was able to change position really really carefully, laying down on the sofa next to John. Her neck is much less sore, and this is a lot more comfortable, even if she's only half awake to realize it.
This is Aeryn's one day during the week that she actually has no responsibilities to worry about getting up for. That would be why she's still in bed, forcing John to play teddy bear. She doesn't realize she's doing that, and she'll hurt anyone who tells her she is, but she is.
It's been a while since Aeryn's had nothing to do. The pets are fed, the place is actually clean, she has no homework to do... At the moment she's lounging on the couch, wondering why it's so quiet and whether or not the toaster has gotten out.

[For the bf.]
Aeryn's seen pictures of sharks before. Looking at the tank, and all the things in it, up to and including said shark is a little bit confusing.

"I think they lied to you at the store," Aeryn says.
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Aeryn is up for a while by the time she finally leaves the cabin, waiting by the entrance for a moment just in case anyone comes out of the one next door.
Sad to say that John and Aeryn have had to resort to finding neutral ground, but after their little prank this morning, they're not taking any chances. After talking to Isabel and a handwavey phone call, Aeryn finds the abandoned shack and goes inside to wait.
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If she's being completely honest, Aeryn would much rather stay in 238 instead of 209. Yes, 209 is hers. It still doesn't feel like hers. Angel and Sean might be gone, but John's still here. That's more than enough. She kisses his shoulder and stretches, testing her knee. It isn't a problem at all now, though she couldn't have expected John to do anything but worry. In a weird way, she appreciates that he does, frustrating or not.

However, she's still planning on the gym. She's already agreed to spar with Alec (almost-dating a doppleganger means that Aeryn doesn't make any assumptions about why he looks like Dean) and Max sometime, and said she would help Molly, and she still would like to get some time in there with Isabel. She finds interesting people down there. Jamie definitely fits into that category, as does Buffy who wants her to join cheerleading. Weird girl. And she just likes Peter, that's all there is to it.

She doesn't want to wake John, so she uncurls away from him slowly and sits up. Even if she really is comfortable in this bed.
Today Aeryn actually is studying. Trying to, at least. It's not like she actually likes homework, and she has more finals now than she did last semester. So occasionally the book might be thrown across the room, and she'll have to get up and get it, and then start again. It's a system.
It would probably be more productive to do some actual studying before class, or to head to the gym, or something. Except the last week has been really good and Aeryn's taking advantage of it by staying right where she is. And since John doesn't seem to be awake yet, she decides to just start kissing along his neck to change that.


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