The flipside of getting a chance to go out and help save a friend and hurt some things in the process was that afterwards, it was back to normal things, like filling out job applications in front of the TV and feeling uncomfortable in the current style of clothes. There might have been a little part of her that wondered if it would be wrong to wear a pulse pistol around the apartment, just for the night.
John and Aeryn got back to Fandom early, before classes. Aeryn doesn't have any on Mondays herself, so she spent part of her day outside and doing other things, in probably the best mood she's been in in months.

Upon returning to the room, she realizes she's left her phone on the counter, probably since Saturday. She picks it up to listen to her messages, and is quiet for a while after that.
Aeryn's not doing a lot of sleeping right now, mostly because she's watching John like something's going to happen. She's dealt with all of this before and hadn't expected to have to do it again, and she really can't imagine being him and having someone talking in your brain all the time.

She's on her side, head propped up on her elbow, unabashedly watching to make sure he's okay.
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Aeryn is up for a while by the time she finally leaves the cabin, waiting by the entrance for a moment just in case anyone comes out of the one next door.
Sad to say that John and Aeryn have had to resort to finding neutral ground, but after their little prank this morning, they're not taking any chances. After talking to Isabel and a handwavey phone call, Aeryn finds the abandoned shack and goes inside to wait.
After talking with Rory, Aeryn heads outside for a walk, or a run, or something. Or maybe towards the gym. She's headed somewhere, she just doesn't know where yet.
There's nothing wrong with the cabin, but Aeryn's glad to be outside anyway. And she's definitely not waiting for anyone. Nope.
Aeryn has decided she's fine with her current schedule of hitting things, shooting things (or not, and heading home. That will probably change next week, but right now, she's good with it. It's much easier than say, shopping.

Okay, there's also laundry, but that had to be done. She barely even notices anymore if some of John's shirts end up in with hers, and puts them away like normal. If she thinks about it, she could very well freak out, so no thinking. She's done with the the weirdness for now. So she finishes putting everything away, closing the closet door and for some reason opens the door to the room.
Aeryn's stiill waking up early out of habit, even if she doesn't have classes anymore. She's still not sure what to do with her time anymore. Right now that time is being spent trying to force herself back to sleep, into some sort of normal schedule. It's not working.
There was underwear. And the lobby. And John. And then more underwear. And now there's 209 and a closed door with them on the other side of it.

That's better.
It might be things brought up when she was little, or the panic the last day at the thought that this planet might actually be frelled up enough to consider marriage between a five-year-old and a seven-year-old legal, or maybe even things she said in the interview with D'Anna, but Aeryn's just feeling quiet. It's not good, it's not bad, just... she's thinking.

And tossing the driver's ed manual in her closet, right by prom's pointy shoes. She's pretty sure she can pass it anyway. As long as they're driving real cars.
There's a point where you've memorized all the information you can about one or two subjects before you just can't take anymore. And Aeryn has hit that point. She has one final left she doesn't think she can pass anyway, so with Criminal Justice done, she's just going to go back to her room. And check in on the sea monkeys while her brain recovers.
It would probably be more productive to do some actual studying before class, or to head to the gym, or something. Except the last week has been really good and Aeryn's taking advantage of it by staying right where she is. And since John doesn't seem to be awake yet, she decides to just start kissing along his neck to change that.
Aeryn is not waiting for anyone. She is studying. Really.

And maybe sometime soon she'll actually open a book.
Aeryn is still not used to the look of the room. And yesterday was girltalking and talk of pink-wearing. And tomorrow is prom dress shopping. And Aeryn wants to know when her life got weird.
Aeryn's not dealing with some things right now. Instead she's knocking on the door to 238 early. And she may be pushing down enough emo-turned-irritation that she's pointedly not using the key. But she's not dealing with the emo-turned-irritation at the moment.
Aeryn's discovering something. There's really no difference between her and John together and her and John not together. Which is interesting, but for some reason the distinction that they're not actually dating is important. Except of course, they had a date.

Whatever. She can deal with that. Aeryn curls up more under the covers.
Okay, forgetting the girlkissy nominations for now, because... no. But as much as Aeryn likes teasing John about that and other stuff, there are some things that need to be said in person. So as soon as she's off the phone, she opens the door for him.
Aeryn wakes up, and John's still next to her. Strangely enough, this isn't much less panic-inducing than the last time they slept in the same bed. She knows he's got an early class Mondays, so she's debating whether it'd be less uncomfortable to just pretend she's sleeping, or actually getting up to go somewhere. The gym, for a walk, something. She'd really prefer the second, but at least the first wouldn't actually be fleeing.
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After a trip into town and then some time spent shooting things because she can, Aeryn decides she might as well do some other things she's been putting off, and checks to see if her E-mail access had been restored. Not that she likes E-mail anyway, or figured anyone would be sending her anything.

Half and hour and about forty spam messages later (and don't think that has improved her opinion of the human race at all), she's back in 209, wondering if she should even attempt this party thing. On one hand, she's glad Angel is all right and she wouldn't expect any conversation there to be about her. These are both good things. On the other hand... The words "too much too soon" spring to mind.

She'll worry about it later. For now she's taking a break from the makeup work to finish the other book Anders gave her before she left. And sometimes taking a break from that to wonder if the sea monkeys have been fed this week.

[Which is totally code for I haven't played in a whole DAY and my girl is still being antisocial. Door's closed but I welcome knocks. *nodding*]


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